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What Is A Spell

What Is A Spell Cover A spell is a spoken or written formula that when used in an act of magick is intended to cause or influence a particular course of events. Belief in and the use of spells are universal and have been an integral part of religious practices since ancient times. Methods vary according to culture but all spell work is based on ritual.

Spells are closely related to Prayers, which are rituals consisting of a petition to the Gods or deities (whatever the religion or faith) for a desired outcome. It involves the visualization of a goal, a statement of desire for the goal, and ritualized movements of body positions (e.g., the bowing of the head, the clasping of the hands, the closing of the eyes etc). In magick, spells are closely related to various methods of mind power such as: creative visualization, positive thinking, and positive imaging (see “What is Magick”). All of which emphasize our mental images of the goal and our identification with it, repetition of our intent to achieve this goal, projection of our will, and a petition to the spirits, deities, or the divine force for their aid.

These types of spells are commonly used on a daily bases, the simple lighting of a candle starting the ritual process. Such daily spells constitute minor magick's such as: blessings, self-help, positive thoughts and the sending of helpful healing energies to others. Used on a daily bases it is not therefore necessary to undertake the cumbersome task of a full circle casting ritual (see Circle Casting).

Spells can be beneficial or harmful and can be worked on people, animals, and nature. Their purposes are limitless and include: healing, love, money, success, fertility, longevity, and protection from disaster, ill fortune, and evil. They can also be used to exorcise ghosts and spirits, for victory in battle, truth in divination, weather control, and the accomplishment of supernatural feats. When directed against enemies, spells can be used to cause illness, destruction, loss of love, impotence, barrenness, failure and even death. Spells can be cast to affect the self, or directed to affect another person.

A positive spell is often called a blessing, although such archaic terms as bewitchment and enchantment are still sometimes used. Negative spells are generally known as hexes or curses. A binding spell is one intended to prevent harm, avoid danger, or to stop someone from performing particular acts (e.g., halting a murder, preventing a rape, or even stopping the spread of gossip).

In most cultures, Witches, Sorcerers, Witch doctors, Magicians, and other magically empowered peoples, cast both beneficial and harmful spells as the need dictates. However in contemporary Paganism and Witchcraft, a set of ethics exists that prohibits the use of curses and negative spells against another (see the “Wiccan Rede” and the “Three Fold Law”). The acceptability of binding spells is divided, and is widely debated throughout the community.

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