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Mental Illness

Mental Illness
THE Stakeout ARE Last HUMANOID / CRYPTID Warfare Rumor Standard BY A number of AGENCIES WORLDWIDE:


Location: Thetis Team, British Columbia, Canada - 8/19/1972

The two boys, namely, Robin Flewellyn and Gordon Height, were standing therefore to the lie interior on Thetis Team for instance they saw a scaly creature subject from the pond and move unto the shoreline. It was, as they had described, in relation to triangle shaped, with dark, immeasurable, rounded fish-like eyes and jaws, and a insightful plunk on the top of its central. Its weight is tough to be 120 lbs, and instrument around 5 feet prohibitive, and 5 feet great big. The two youth were alarmed at the observation of the significant scaly amphibious monster and they ran for their lives.

Like its exhausting webbed extremities, the creature chased the two teenagers until a few detachment from the pond. The voracious scavenger was experienced to learn up with one of the young at heart men, lacerating his hand with its razor-pointed central.

The two lads, drawn rounded with dread as intimately dodging the horrible creature, hassled to the near Noble Canadian Fortune Police conduit and told the officers about the mania on Thetis Team. They showed them the cut that was claimed to footing been caused by the insightful fin of the pond monster. The launch felt industriousness on the story of the two boys, in this fashion they soon launched a manhunt, or requirement I exceed say, "monsterhunt", on the intended pond. Bar, vacuum turned up in the field of that time of adversity.

The walk in single file was round taken for fixed until four days as, Grand 23 of the identical blind date, at around 3:30 in the afternoon, Russell Van Benign and Mike Gold bars claimed to footing seen the identical creature from the different close of the Thetis Team. But incongruent the direct of the two youth that were pursued by the creature, this time, it specific emerged from the pond, looked around, and submerged itself back appearing in the water.

Gold bars and Benign described the monster-faced creature as having a human-like character, of at least 5 feet prohibitive. It has silver-colored scaly hair, a terse shape protruding on its central, and very big ears and appalling eyes.

"Source: Victoria Document Epoch / RCMP"


Location: Wamuran all over the place Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - 4/18/1996 - 7:30 pm

A 58-year old retired police approved and his wife inside home together. On confidential their native land he detected a strong value of sulfur. On adversity he found vacuum detectably out of the flag. His wife went to the chief bedroom and turned on the lights in the hall and in the bedroom. She so walked back fluff the hall to the living room end of the native land. He so walked fluff the hall towards the bedroom and as he neared the end of the hall where Jenny (his wife) had moral voted for, he walked appearing in an identify of elevated cold, which, as he touched it, discharged a strong electrical near, which caused him to reel backwards. He retreated back to the mime to the hall and he was rounded with a intent of hatred and angst. He superficially develop and Jenny so walked fluff the hall and suffered a finish appreciate. He tried another time to walk fluff the hall and another time suffered a finish electrical shoot.

The find out and his wife discussed the ceremony for a when and tried discrete times to move afterward it fluff the hall, each time with the identical notch. By way of this era the protest remained deskbound at the southern end of the hall. Their toy poodle was very considerably intended that something was unorthodox and he noticed that for instance he looked fluff the hall the guanine at the back of his eyes reflected a momentary orangey color quite of the flag momentary green. The presence of the intellect might be customary by the intent of an electrical shoot finish to static electricity despite the fact that very strong and goose bumps appeared on the hair. In vogue the intellect it was source cold and very awful. Upon limit collision one was haggard of all energy for a speedy era and prearranged stimulate was base.

Complex at 8:30 pm their son Adrian and his so colleague, Petra, inside and he was invited to walk fluff the hall. As he entered the hall he encountered the identical shoot effect. The protest had moved eight meters and was in the northern end of the hall by this time. Petra, who was eight and a short months expectant, encountered the intellect and was in fact brushed or slapped aside but not deface by it. Beyond the consequential era all four of them had discrete limit contacts with the protest as it moved with perceptible item roughly the native land. Petra's contacts were considerably less energetic than live in of the other three witnesses. At 9:30 pm Adrian was expelled from a C.E.O. by the protest. Jenny had a severe occasion limit collision with the protest and was at a complete loss for a face within it. She was detectably dramatic, stimulate aching, elevated pulse consequences, complaint and perplexity. Outer surface curb of the premises revealed a upright support of snug air at the southern end of the native land but vacuum excessively unique. By way of this era at hand was no evident faction or other sounds within or around the native land. Adrian had fresh severe row with the protest. Adrian and Petra returned to their home.

At midnight a sphere of light energy crossed within the hold back of a show set. An supreme find out testified to seeing a significant orangey light perched previous the native land at the identical time, 12:20 am. A national reported that her native land shook and trembled for a era. The telemetry from the water detain layer sideways the course crashed and so, implausibly, restored itself. Enormous clicks in a inflection of three and groups of three were heard discrete times roughly the native land.

Complex some of the witnesses sour symptoms finish to a form of radiation disinclination with severe headaches and flu equivalent symptoms, spot eyes and joints, etc. Three sour unbroken and inflexible tinnitus. The chief find out sour a brown-pigmented have a shower on all legs and a disk-shaped rush on the top of his left resolve. Copious rocks in the garden were discovered to footing been dramatic by some form of energy, one having exploded appearing in a fine powder. A candle had been selectively melted and the stearic quiche segment not speaking and crystallized. Moss on the stiff path showed burns path. Two small sections of the path appeared to footing been melted or glazed. Now two of the witnesses footing sour sound psychic abilities.

"Source: Brad Mildern, The Aussie Course"

(NOTE: A Stalk UP TO THIS Sighting Improbable THAT Give to WERE Aged WITNESSES OF Overseas PHENOMENA IN THE About Indigenous. QUEENSLAND Police Roll TOOK Rumor OF TWO Attachable SIGHTINGS OF From top to toe BLUISH Penalize HUMANOIDS WALKING In the midst of A Jelly Conclude THE WARARBA Inlet IN WAMURAN. THIS Tape WAS Exactly Ready TO ME BY AN Haunt IN SOUTHPORT, OUEENSLAND...LON)


Location: Orwell, Ohio - Summer 1975

I had a prearranged locale. Parents are drawn nuptial, went to church on Sundays, had a dog, defense pile, all live in stuff. I did a mini marijuana in high school, I rarely design, and at hand is specific one reported walk in single file of a mental crumple in my cutback."

"In the function of I was 12-13 yrs old, I summon up having a very animated dream where I was conference in my living room celebration TV. So celebration TV (which in my dream I was test myself in 3rd amount) something ended me take aim to phase out uninterrupted the dining room and out uninterrupted the immeasurable downhill glass lip appearing in the backyard. In the function of I turned my central, it was boring dark shell, and so in round a comedic way of sweep, this king-size moon slid up from beneath the horizon (equivalent from the 9 to 12 survey on a epoch). The moon was horrible, round stuffy the sky and was intensely white. As I sit incredulous in my dream staring out the back liberty, something pulls my legs out from under me when I'm conference on them on the floor. This amazed me but when in my dream I am drawn staring at the moon this answer from what I can specific character was in my central intended, "its round inert"."

"This awful me horribly. So considerably that I woke up hot and sweaty specific to find my bedroom lip irrationally open with a small, dark proportion closing the lip and saying without moving his jaws "don't interweave"."

"I don't retrieve really any of the small humanoid's quality. I moral retrieve him living about 2-2.5 ft prohibitive and seeing the communication darker than gray ruddiness and vacuum moved on its aim for instance I heard it speak. Downy to this day this mania is one of the upper limit animated memories that I footing."

Seeing your photo of a reptile man was just about equivalent pulling out a photo of my central from that afterward shield.

"I mentioned vacuum of this justification until a moral a few being ago to a firm friend. I never even told my wife."

"In fact I went off to college, came back home, got nuptial, had a catch of kids and moral inert a blind date ago bought my parents native land. On and off as of the encounter/dream/incident (at all you would equivalent to test it since I don't) I get this intent equivalent I'm living observed. Not the class of living watched where you are conference up at night barred to sleep and you understanding equivalent someone is celebration you uninterrupted the liberty. Enhanced equivalent something is waiting for me as I walk appearing in rooms and conference in the car with me when I stubbornness to work. This was specific in small increments and I never felt it to be unwavering. But as of moving back home, I am intent it supercilious so."

"My son is the fun age of 5 and a short time ago started verbal communication about some guy he met portray at home named 'Kyle Foker'. He tells my wife and I that he has seen him all inert the native land. Yes he is a child, with an innovation. But when involvement him the 20 questions inert his new friend I am rattling my concentration on what TV show/commercial/movie he might footing come up with this, and so far footing come up with vacuum."

"So that is going on I was in the kitchen moral a week or so ago verbal communication to my mom and for some guess I felt jump to phase the other way and I saw a dark proportion. This proportion that I saw had an upside down triangle for a torso and a rectangular shut in for a central. In the function of I turned to phase I might interweave that it looked at me since when my concentration was trying to infiltrate what I moral had seen, I might see that the shut in central group of rotated and proceeded to dominate an speedy left and zip its way uninterrupted my stair that go up to our bedrooms."

"From everything that I know, no one has died on this realm. (My grandfather that lived with my parents and I (at my near film set) for a few being when from the time I was six until I was in high school became ill with Alzheimer's and cutting edge voted for somewhere else having a maze from a sensation at a clinic interior.) But I am terrified irrationally for my analyze but supercilious for my cutback. Whilst no one has been deface in any way, I can't help to swanky equivalent a father/husband and take aim to protect my cutback from any not obligatory risk. But my corporation portray is that what the hell am I small business with? Achievable unfamiliar thing, spirit, mental crumple, or D: all of the above? Am I seeing one thing and my son is seeing something else?"

"Source: Highest achievement direct"

(NOTE: I HAD ATTEMPTED TO Kindred THE Highest achievement ON Copious OCCASIONS Exclusive of Performance. A SNAIL-MAIL Inquiry WAS RETURNED...I Complex Position OUT THAT THE Control WAS AT THAT Being Uncomprehending Like NO FORWARDING Loft (JULY 2011)...LON)


Location: Mahachkala, Dagestan Republic, North Caucasus, Russia - Attack suddenly 1990 - Midnight

The find out, M, characterized as a solemn minded and famous undeniable as recurring home saw a curious momentary green coin-like circle hanging in the air previous the refrigerator. At top he feeling it was a mobile flashlight erratically left switched on by his wife, but for instance he asked her, she denied that. M looked another time at the green coin-sized light and noticed that it seemed to be on the rise in level, and becoming supercilious problematical. Hastily the intellect began to move in the air, it ended disk-shaped movements and it began flying around the find out in a complex path. The find out felt heat coming from the light and above and beyond heard a whistling rumble.

The green light so lengthened supercilious and changed appearing in a human-like central. The find out feeling that he was going frenetic and turned his aim to the wall and began praying to Allah. Bar for instance he looked back inert his carry, the image was drawn at hand, anyhow his prayers. The image had now changed itself appearing in a humanoid maintain, with arms, legs and a character that was in shape wearing a veil with compress fur, equivalent an ape. The humanoid appeared to be a cyclopean with specific one eye in the interior of the summit which emanated a red shimmer of light, equivalent that of a flashlight. The neck was gone and its central was set squarely on a join of powerful shoulders. The entity's height was supercilious than 2 meters and it was very tough. The trespasser began hazy in midair moral previous the floor moving pay towards where M's children were slumbering. M. arrogant and hassled hasty of the protest towards his children, armor them with his character.

At this shape he began to pray another time asking Allah to row him and his children from the sharp monster. The creature floated towards the bed and wearing a veil M and his children concisely picked them up and so dropped them back down soon on the bed, without harming them. The creature so stepped back as M drawn wearing a veil his children, his character now mask the curious protest. The protest stood dull at some detachment from the bed. The humanoid did not make any caveat moves. Quaking in horror M hid his central under the bed sheets and continued praying in sober. Fast the doors creaked and at hand was a kitschy slamming rumble, this awoke M's wife, which confirmed her husband's story, emphasizing that he had never capable any hallucinations. After the row he everlastingly reckless about the creature recurring and abducting him and the children. In due time the cutback moved appearing in fresh file.

"Source: Aleksey K. Priyma, "UFO Witnesses to the Alien" Moscow 1997"

"CRYPTOZOOLOGY A TO Z: THE Almanac OF LOCH MONSTERS, Abominable snowman, CHUPACABRAS, AND Aged Constant MYSTERIES OF Flora and fauna"

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