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Sept 7 9 9 9 And The Mayan Calendar

Sept 7 9 9 9 And The Mayan Calendar
Solid Friends, and the mayan calendar.htm

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9.9.9. and the Mayan Reference book

The play a part nine has been endowed with a special fame in a choice of individualistic spiritual and serious traditions. Nine was the play a part of muses in Greek mythology and Nine were the play a part of worlds in the Scandinavian. Nine was the play a part of doors to the holiest part of the temple in Jerusalem and the month of Ramadan is the Ninth in the Muslim calendar. Plus, the together with format recycled by upper limit of the world today includes nine information and so the posture of this play a part is much hereditary in us. Moreover, in the Mayan tradition the play a part Nine show business a predominating character. The only income inscription from ancient era that discusses the meaning of the Mayan calendar "end daylight hours" for project speaks of Nine "deities" that will delay thus as its input be evidence for. This would in modern phrasing mean that Nine energies, or Nine limitless armed would totally signal thus so the ancient Maya would look like upon time periods as "deities". As far as we can succession these "deities", or limitless armed, are like evolutionary wave movements, built on top of one novel where we are in a jiffy riding on the eighth one success deposit to sprint on the ninth.

The Nine Huge levels (Underworlds) that according to the only income Mayan inscription about the calendar end daylight hours (Tortuguero statue 6) will signal thus. At the present we are in the eighth level (The Galactic Underworld) gearing up to the Ninth and keep information level, the Joint Underworld. Illustrate of the Pyramid of the Jaguar in Tikal by the author.)

In the specter of these evolutionary energy we may now as we connection the Ninth level witness an tremendous synchronicity. This is that the development daylight hours 9.9.9 (September 9, 2009 in the Gregorian calendar) happens to accord with the beginning of a Mayan Revered Reference book slash of 260 days. So, in this calendar, in use so 3000 existence, the modern daylight hours 9.9.9 has the energy of Hun Imix, or 1 Alligator as its English report reads, which happens to be the before time of its eloquent combinations. If we chew on what this synchronicity may be recounting us the upper limit natural end to exert a pull on is that on this unique daylight hours we are called to focus on the play a part nine and extremely the Ninth level of the Mayan calendar format, whose coming indoors time we are straight about to notice.

I anticipate that behind schedule these limitless armed, whose era of introduction are described by the Mayan calendar, is an perspicacious prospect for the history of unselfishness that comes from a director fine and has a kind goal. To bite the bullet this is as well as to understand the import of the information incidentally how to trail this prospect that we may state from the calendar of the Maya. These nine limitless armed are influencing and in fact governing our supportive consciousness and so we take every good reason to pay consideration to what is departure on in this limitless time prospect.

Synchronicities can steadily be interpreted in individualistic ways, but if they are puzzling they continually advantage our consideration. 9.9.9, three Nines in a row, may for project be seen as envoy of three sacred calendar rounds of 260 days that will now in three ladder lead us to the finish off of the Ninth level of progress which is its keep information level. To the best of our knowledge this keep information energy acquire of the window will be attained on the energy 13 Ahau (13 and Ahau are symbols of finish off in the Mayan calendar) on the Gregorian daylight hours October 28, 2011. This keep information acquire does not in any aim mean the end of the world, but only that all the Nine wave movements are thus completed. Possibly we can use the symbol that we are now about to run the closing unpleasantly ladder of a ladder until we run on to the shade where we will find a new reliability under our feet and a place to rest.

Regardless of what this last run will mean we then take reasons to aim an unprecedented opportunity of in tears in a very poor opportunity of time. This is to some extent for instance we are inside the last phase of the eighth level of progress and to some extent for instance a wave fray of a very high occurrence, the Ninth level, will extensively come to convert the supportive consciousness in such a way that we will see the world in an emphatically individualistic light. It is for this good reason that in the three development Revered Reference book rounds that trail upon 9.9.9 we will energy to guide and focus our intentions so that they get together in the birth of a new world. This is all the a cut above fault-finding as hand over are firm sources that loop to blot that the sixth night of the Galactic Underworld, beginning on November 8, 2009, may come to pressurize somebody into a ironic depression in the world's saving.

The before time of these 260-day Revered Reference book rounds, the one which actually begins on 9.9.9 and goes on until May 26, 2010, may be seen as a opportunity of build-up to the Ninth level that is suitable for prayer, meditation and mental focusing. We repositioning community semi-detached, networking and spiritual synchronization in this time opportunity, as well as of a practical type. The flicker 260 calendar curved, starting 27.05.10 will install a preparatory pending of the Ninth level and the beginning of this will be marked by the Huge Cooperation, July 17-18, a total focus burst for spiritual projects of a practical type that will dose for the birth of a new world. The third Revered Reference book curved of 260 days will begin February 11, 2011 and includes the actual introduction of the Ninth level, the Joint Underworld on Trek 8, 2011. This may be the upper limit communicative of the three ladder as it leads up to the seam of the keep information energy acquire of the window on October 28, 2011.

I anticipate that in the midst of these three ladder, three Revered Reference book rounds, starting on 9.9.9: 1/ Build-up, 2/ Preparatory Ninth level and 3/ Authentic Ninth level of the progress of the outer space, the window is now about to put out what it has been striving towards all through, the seam of a new level of consciousness, a unity consciousness. I as well as anticipate that the Ninth level is invented extremely to pressurize somebody into such a unity consciousness, which will convert all of at all discrimination. For the at all contour it will mean very big challenges and opportunities. These changes will yet not be present by themselves and energy to be manifested by the at all beings themselves who may thus chose to mutiny or good enough them. From this perspective we may then look like at the daylight hours 9.9.9 not only as a numerological bric-a-brac to celebrate, but as well as as an extent for us to focus on and espouse the collusion of unselfishness in a renewal stream of a very vast key in, the one brought by the Ninth level of the Deep space.

From what we may understand of the Mayan calendar the unity consciousness will set an end to all forms of primacy of one at all better novel and extremely those generated by the vanished think up. While this achievable will mean is that instruments of primacy, such as the avant-garde financially viable format, artillery, country borders and a choice of other structures avowal assess in this stream will come to oxidize as an effect of this unity consciousness coming indoors time and so kill with the birth of a new world where a divine unity anthropomorphize the at all affairs. This end to primacy will as well as put on the amount amid the genders on a international business key in that as a outcome will at great length shift. Preventable to say, hand over will never be any return to concern as repeated. More readily "WE Confer on Catch TO Mode THE Origins OF THE NEW Earth Meaningfully AND In AN Assert OF CO-CREATING IT IN A Firm Indicate" and not right come back with to the diverse difficulties that lie happy. I anticipate that such a supportive goal of co-creating the new world will be the best way of easing the outlay of these difficulties.

Regardless of what is starting on 9.9.9 is only the build-up phase to the Ninth level, this daylight hours is still a very fault-finding focusing burst so the timing of the continued measures for the exterior of this level are of the chi. From this follows that the a cut above practical projects that will start to signal in the Huge Cooperation, July 17-18 2010 as the name implies, will take to be based on an understanding that the very background of the at all time and of consciousness will be hugely lengthened. The get to your feet of at all consciousness is what will bring the socio-economic renewal at a time gone the hardships of the old systems may be standard to be painfully felt as well as by nations that in a jiffy may been deliberate as wealthy. As the Ninth level is recently activated our identities will come to be strict in a much lengthened spiritual background.

This piece comes much too tardily to repositioning citizens a cut above effectively to focus and portend together for the future. Then again, a choice of will celebrate the 9.9.9 daylight hours regardless "(see for model )". The desire of my period piece is thus only to inform those that will be celebrating this daylight hours positively, that undoubtedly this is not right a numerological bric-a-brac in the Gregorian calendar, but that the daylight hours show business a puzzling objective character in the limitless prospect as we may understand this from the Mayan calendar in a straight line leading up to the birth of a new world in the midst of the Ninth level, 9.9.9. It is an model time to assist in prayers and meditations with the focus and goal of co-creating a new and rupture world. Sparse tools for networking and e-mail with the focus on the Huge Cooperation, July 17-18, 2012 will be industrial as we go through. 9.9.9 may be seen as an first and held in reserve first jingle for the co-creation of the birth of a new world.

Malm"o, September 6, 2009 (11 Edznab)

Carl Johan Calleman

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