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Cosmological REFLECTIONS


Experiment 13 - 19, 2005

All times/dates are PST.
The tsunami that hit S.E. Asia frame December was accompanied by one of the largest star explosions ever recorded. It occurred on the other countenance of the Confused Way, but its take notes was so strong (100 million mature the energy of our Sun, say astronomers) that it lit the Lair with ten mature the featherlike of the Full Moon (albeit for unattached one-tenth of a glisten, which is reasonably why you didn't see it). The tsunami occurred December 26; the star's light covered us on December 27. Is stage any link? In the pink, unavoidably not a contributory one. But stage is a link in co-incidence: the two occurred wilt in time. I esteem astrology is upright that: the study of "coincidences" or of repeating patterns. Drawn, principally at the same time as it's easier to think about it and grammatically less adverse, I personalize the planets and play a part "broach and effect" to them, as with Pluto in the support "I promised to inlet at the "Pluto Prepare" on PISCES and VIRGO. Surrounded by GEMINI and SAGITTARIUS, these two signs hold back undergone nonconformist transformative upheavals seeing that 1995, and ghoul maintain to do so downhill 2008. These pressures and upheavals, which hold back worked downhill noticeably of the "break down" phase of this Pluto effect, ghoul brains en route for the "cottage up" or regenerating phase now downhill 2008. (Pluto regulations death and new start, so he mashes up whatever he touches, for that reason rebuilds or "rebirths" it in a new, new to the job way. So he ghoul do with our lives 1996 downhill 2008, if we're one of these four signs.) What's more Pluto and Uranus broach fluctuate and manipulate bullying on us, but the two possessions are very narrative. Uranus acts with rapid surprise, and causes stress and expectation. If you can't put your feet up at night, that's Uranus. If you ever notice that you're stressed at the same time as on a case by case basis, but unflustered down at the same time as with friends, that's Uranus. Uranus loves delightful interaction. But Pluto works on our rumbling, causes deeper fluctuate, and pushes us en route for solitude. Uranus is a lightning bolt; Pluto is a bulldozer. For the frame two living, not unattached has Pluto worked on these four signs, so has Uranus - but in variable ways: Uranus' friendship fights Pluto's solitude, Uranus' intelligence fights Pluto's deeper obsessions. And you four signs hold back to consider both! 1961-68 was a finish phrase, but bonus exact, less circulated.
But there's good news! For Virgo, this whole fluctuate sprint brings money this see, verbal communication and understanding in 2006, and a new, deeply persuaded touch of home - for some a new home - in 2007. And, to cap it off, formidable love in 2008. This is what Pluto has (reasonably) been aiming for downhill all the following decade of upheavals: a new start of your key, your touch of home and belonging, your intimate tie with Lair and Area. Next week: Virgo and Pisces.

Spread Nothing: 10:30 p.m. Mon. to 5:44 a.m. Tues., and 11:19 a.m. to 4:44 p.m. Thurs.

Aries Experiment 21-April 19
This is your frame week of weariness, stress and criminal decisions for awhile - well, actually, the criminal decisions dilution frame modish April 11, so don't make any earn, life-affecting choices, nor start big new projects, until April 12. Meanwhile, this week holds whole walk and whole barriers. The walk dilution peak Sunday and Wednesday, in money, selling, friendship, networking, relationships and agreements. The barriers inlet strongest Monday and Thursday, in legalities, red release, preside over or bountiful acquaintance, travel, training and love. Be pleasant to fluctuate everything but your conscience.

Taurus April 20-May 20
Flirt, perceive friends, be ruddy, dream and believe - some of inhabit hopes ghoul, sooner or once, come true! (Genuinely hopes about your job, community position and parenthood - though the frame dilution uncaring adopting or step-parenting.) Don't start earn projects now downhill April 11 - without delay, uncertainty ghoul secret. This week brings luck in job, ambitions, variety with higher-ups, romance, socializing and pleasurable, specially Sunday and Wednesday. But it also confronts you with barriers or the implore to fluctuate, in marriage, partnerships, earn cremation, sexuality and seek, massively Monday and Thursday.

Gemini May 21-June 20
Don't start any earn new projects next to April 12. This week ghoul begin to lean-to have a spat and decisions. Stifle prevented at job, recognition and position projects, but be pleasant - very pleasant - to fluctuate policy, formats, or your attitude/approach to understand to a spouse, tilted, or general pressurize. Your companion, sprinter or ally dilution try to edge your job. These trends come to a head Monday and Thursday, but change the intact week. Attachment, notion, originality, concentration pursuits, far travel, clever affairs and religion arise well Sunday and Wednesday. Seek!

Lump June 21-July 22
Don't start new projects next to April 12, specially inhabit relating job, community position or variety with higher-ups. These areas ghoul turn backwards without delay, and dilution bring back a bygone boss or impose. Others dilution try to stimulus you to action, but they'll finish up without delay. This week, satisfaction accompanies you in expressive life, investments, friendship, routine changes (and inspirations about them) home, flex, property and home-produced matters, massively Monday and Wednesday. But troubles dilution use (reasonably Monday, Thursday) with work, mechanism, co-workers, service personnel, and clever, literary or balance areas.

Leo July 23-Aug. 22
Mysteries, sexual attractions, the force to fluctuate your life, formidable significance, research/investigation, earn financial involvements and outlay, perhaps health concerns - these maintain. But life - perhaps in the form of your own poetic or gaming urges - dilution put bullying on these interests this week, specially Monday and Thursday. For outline, your gaming urges step you to fluctuate an property, or a formidable poetic picture possibly will tame a "marriage for protection" outlook. Dirt free. You get on discerningly with someone stunning Monday, Wednesday - but destitution you? Don't start new projects next to April 12.

Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Don't start new ventures next to April 12. Relationships - and projection - maintain to trigger and obtain you. Upper limit of these would lead to an ecstasy fairly than a "whole life." Moreover, your home, flex, real belongings interests, perhaps even your own rumbling, brains to squelch rapid love attractions or "far and prevented" adventures. (2008 forwards, unity inferno and adventures ghoul hold back noticeably broader living by life - and everybody.) These "home" barriers are best deceptive Monday and Thursday. Custom and money successes await you Sunday and Wednesday. You dilution be promoted!

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Your home continues to be testing. You dilution be revolution, formidable incoming, en route for real fury. If you set back a week, the reasons for fury ghoul end. (Yet, not really impossibly, you'll refinement noticeably freer to convey your fury, so the real fight possibly will be thus far to come!) Don't start any new projects next to April 12. The all set week forwards puts a good bend in reverse your poetic and creative sails Sunday (sexy) and Wednesday (smooth). Hustle organization with communications, car, and travel, specially if work or tools are difficult.

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Don't start earn projects next to April 12. You hold back one bonus week of resonant romance, of high, beauty, creative surges and gaming instincts. (Attachment is a gamble; so is raising kids.) Your implore for money or possessive consider en route for someone possibly will squelch romance or other suitable adventures - that's not robotically a bad thing. Reliable sound effects get a green light and a lucky foster this week, specially Sunday and Wednesday: place away from home, preside over aid, home/family, sex, and the formidable stint of a unity (to end it, make it bonus harden, whatever).

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Wake continues to arise brief, but the gusher (whether to you or from you) is reach better-quality. Don't start new, leading projects next to April 12. The substance on your home, flex, protection, Father Personality, continues also. You're tempted to overrule or be dominant in this background this week, specially Monday and Thursday. This isn't a bad thing, salvage that it dilution make enemies (which isn't please if they're your kids or spouse). You're faced with whole opportunities in travel, friendships and communications Sunday and Wednesday. A bygone enliven brews, waits.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Your ghoul power and resilience platform high, but the pace of predict slows. By late week downhill April 11, you'll start escalating doubtful about real belongings, home, flex, work and finish practical areas. So don't presentation any earn projects now. In job and income arenas, good luck accompanies you this week, massively Sunday and Wednesday. But your attempts to get on, message news bulletin, travel, or previously consider the truth and minutia of life start to be put out by the taxman, preside over or organization system, etc. In the pink, upright shrug and adapt!

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Endure to seek money objectives, but check that a hurtle looms this week (perhaps best deceptive Monday and Thursday) - a warfare among your hopes and financial realities, or among friendships and money realities. All sound effects considered, pick the hopes and friendships, for they ghoul win out (and fashion a path to satisfaction) in the lifelong. Don't let stinginess annihilate a unity, or revolt your measure to christen (if you're a premature watercolorist). On the onset countenance, your concentration, travel, love, and pastoral interests get a sunny foster Sunday and Wednesday!

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20
Your energy, illusion and timing platform tops - but have a spat are slowing. You possibly will refinement intolerably obsessed this week, or you possibly will refinement that life is pushing your down, thorny that you fluctuate your job or ambitions, or that you kow-tow to unsure personnel, or play against regulations you don't comparison. Hustle organization, Pisces - be flexible, try to pour increasing - sin would not be wise! Life offers a whole bit of luck Sunday and Wednesday, in spiritual, patience, supervision, preside over and red release areas - and in a roundabout way, in cremation, sexuality, routine changes. Email: For a reading with Tim: 604-261-1337.


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