Monday, October 11, 2010

Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing

Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing Cover

Book: Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing by Frater Achad

1923. Or the Crystal as a Stepping Stone to Clear Vision. A Practical Treatise on the Real Value of Crystal Gazing. Contents: The lesser crystal sphere; The greater crystal sphere; Universal crystalline sphere; A consideration of the ancient methods; Further considerations the methods of Dr. Dee and Sir Edward Kelly; Attainment of Crystal Vision; The ultimate crystal.

Achad writes for two audiences, the exoteric occult dabbler that wants to scry and the esoteric mystic who is gazing more deeply than into an orb of stone. It is a treatise on spiritual growth and finding out who you really are - whether you do it in Meditation With your legs crossed or by staring at a crystal, the results are the same for the student of truth. Fascinating!

I found this book to be more than a guide to crystal gazing. It was a warning for those who do not take things of a spiritual nature seriously. And a guide and tease in that it made you want to go deeper into your own spiritualness, but explained that you would have to search farther as well as develop or evolve into a higher place to receive the answers. This will be required text for my children.

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