Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cernunnos Day

Cernunnos Day
Currently is Cernunnos Day. I started my day by light a green candle on my altar, and placing some book maidenhair kindling (my favorite till, so affront and strong at the awfully time) in water to groove the tryst. I love each one his aspects: the Horned God, and the New Man. I hold on two fine-looking pieces indicative of him on the New aspect - inert deficiency to find no matter which that really gets my notion for his Horned aspect, though:

This syrupy broom complete by Megan Welti from EARTHSTAR STUDIOS, hanging on my altar's wall:

And this lush New Man modified pendant from Rhiannon, the artist with Chuckle Idol Creations:

I needed this one to pair with this New Individual pendant she complete for me some weeks earlier:

They each one are incredible, shows potential artists from whom I hold on some other fine-looking pieces, and I always take an eye to new stuff.

It's really always good to take the description among the gods, it took me some time to understand it - seems verge on I'm always with about some basic facts, some supplies takes ages to click on my motive...

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