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He Learns His Religion From His Parents

He Learns His Religion From His Parents Image

"Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan"

COMMENTARY BY PIR-O-MURSHID INAYAT KHAN: The religion of the Sufi is the religion of the heart. The principal moral of the Sufi is to consider the heart of others, so that in the pleasure and displeasure of his fellow-man he sees the pleasure and displeasure of God.

"Complete Works, Original Texts, Feb 26, 1924", by Hazrat Inayat Khan

There are four paths or stages that lead a person to spiritual knowledge, from the limited to the unlimited.

The first stage is Shariat (Law of Religion). THIS IS WHERE THE GOD-IDEAL IS IMPRESSED UPON MANKIND as authority, as fear of God. This really means conscientiousness, not fear as is usually thought. IF WE LOVE, WE DO NOT WISH TO DISPLEASE; LOVE DOES NOT FORCE US TO ACT, BUT IT ASKS US TO BE CONSCIENTIOUS and take care not to cause the least disharmony with the one whose happiness we want....

This stage of Shariat is that in which a person asks himself what will please Him, or displease Him. He learns his religion from his parents, from his friends. A good action pleases, a bad action displeases, and pride displeases most; he learns everything very easily by seeing what displeases another. How easy it is; and yet they still go to a clergyman or to a priest, to ask what pleases God. And all the time it is just what pleases man that pleases God, and therefore if we please all around us, we please God; if we displease them, we displease God. A man who has attained to this stage realizes what reward comes to him when he pleases the world, and what happens when he does not.

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