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Magick In The Life Of A Child

Magick In The Life Of A Child Cover
Whether by birth, adoption, or association with another parent, the entrance of a child into one's life is one of the finest and greatest experiences that life has to offer. An ancient Chinese proverb states, "It is the wise parent who gives his child roots and wings."

Our roots are the ties that bind us to one another by blood and make us a family. They are the collective totality of our shared experiences, both good and bad. They are the stories we tell time and again over shared meals, they are the tears that we shed at a common pain.

Our roots teach us the value of history, and learning from those who have gone before. Roots are fostered with daily doses of quality time, the ordinary things that you do together in any given day, the family traditions that make sense only to you and yours.

Our roots are present at the very moment of our conception in our mother's womb; however, we sprout our wings the day that we are born. From the moment that we take our first breath in the world, we take the first steps on our journey of becoming who we are. Though we are momentarily dependent on those who take care of us, we are striving ever forward on our journey to wholeness. Whereas our roots are the ties that bind us together, our wings represent the gift of free will, and the things which define us as individuals.

Our wings carry us through daily experiences, and most notably during those rites of passage that all must face at the appointed hour. Those moments that tell us that we are where we are supposed to be, the first love, the triumph of obtaining our driver's license, graduation, our first paycheck, the first time we make love, the first time we become parents ourselves..........

As the wheel of life revolves, we may one day have children of our own, and pass on to them the gift of roots and wings. If not to our own children, then to the child of another, for it has been said that 'it takes a village to raise a child.' And as the waters of the Earth run to the Sea, we too return to our own roots, as our progeny carries forward with this, their legacy; those intangible things more common that air, or dirt; more priceless than gold, or rubies. The child that you love becomes that adult that you respect, and the one that holds your hand when it is your time to journey to the Summerland.

Books in PDF format to read:

Naomi Janowitz - Magic In The Roman World
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