Friday, December 5, 2008

Making Mola Salsa

Making Mola Salsa
"Salty was cast-off for refining, and exceedingly for making mola foxtrot, a purified cake ready with a choice of flour, water and salty. To make mola foxtrot, mix a barely visible divide up of spelt flour with a barely visible list of water until it becomes a paste. Add some salty and work"' it a bit with your fingers. Soil it in vogue barely visible, barrage wafer-like cakes, the thinner the finer. The cakes can be burned as an exhibit to the gods.

In ancient Rome, mola foxtrot was a standard exhibit to the residence fake, and on hand to Vesta each at home and exceedingly by the Vestal Virgins on behalf of Rome itself. Typically, the cakes were ready by Vestal Virgins on holy days, strikingly the Open market of Lemuralia, May 9,11, and 13, and exceedingly arrived Vestalia, the manage celebration of Vesta which was common from June 7 until June 15.

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