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Superstitious beliefs and customs are very much a part of Filipino culture. We have a whole panoply of pamahiin ranging from beliefs in supernatural beings (spirits, engkantos, witches, talismans, amulets); beliefs connected to marriage, conception, birth, & child rearing; and beliefs linked to death &
afterlife. Many of these beliefs are considered ridiculous and silly but many people believe it to be symbolic. For instance many of the beliefs that could be categorized under human actions or activities are important to the lives of people such as sleeping, eating & gift-giving. These actions feature highly in the imagination of our people and much symbolism has been attached to them.


If you bite your tongue accidentally, someone is talking about you or thinking of you.

It is not good to take a bath right after eating for this will cause the stomach to enlarge.

After bathing at night, do not sleep while your hair is wet for you will become blind or insane.

If you dream that one of your teeth is being pulled, it means death to one member of your family.

Have a new car blessed to avoid accidents & for greater car longevity.

Boiling egg while saying the Lord's prayer assures a soft-boiled egg. (This is because saying the Lord's prayer takes about 15 sec thus assuring a soft-boiled egg).

A broken mirror given by a beloved presages a broken engagement.

In building stairs, be sure to count the steps with oro (gold), plata (silver),
and mata (death). The last step must fall on oro or plata to insure good luck to the house dwellers.

When building a house, the door and stairs must face the East where the sun rises to insure good luck.

Children should not be allowed to play in the afternoon for they might bump into unseen beings. (Of course this probably came about because parents just want their children to take naps in the afternoon.)

When you bury dead animals under fruit trees, the fruits of these trees will be sweet.

Buying anything on New Year's Day results in extravagance throughout the whole year.


Clearing the table while others are still eating will cause the diners not to ever get married.

A mole on the forehead or nose means luck in business.

A lady singing while cooking will marry a widower.

A girl sitting at the head of the table becomes a spinster.

Stepping over a person while he/she is lying down removes the person's chances to marry. Another variation is it will cause the person not to grow. To reverse the curse, the person who stepped over the person lying down must retrace his step backwards.

If the younger sister or brother gets married before the older siblings, the older siblings will never get married.

Getting married the day before a full moon brings prosperity to your marriage.

It is considered bad luck for siblings to marry within the same year.

During the wedding ceremony, the groom must be the first to arrive at the church and wait for the bride, but not vice versa, otherwise it is a bad omen.

It is bad luck to see the bride in her wedding gown before the wedding.


Putting money directly on the family dining room table is bad luck.

You know the one when you strp over someone, that person that you stepped over will not grow. Ok when someone is lying on the floor and instead of going around them you walk over them. Supposedly that person who got walked over will never grow. This is highly unreal because in basketball people step over each other all the time.

opening an umbrella in da house is bad luck.

cleaning/sweeping during the night is another bad luck.

pregnant women should avoid seeing uglee objects cuz...well, you know why...

ants in da house are believed to carry good luck.

being hit by lightning is good luck. Dunno bout that...

cleaning the dinner table while someone is still eating. If you do this, the person still eating will never get married.

Never say yes when a dwarf wants you to go with them or else you could never go back home

there are two kinds of dwarfs: one is white and the other is black

White-are good and they bring you good luck

Black-are bad they bring harm
dwarfs like to live in big trees. So when you pass by you have to say "excuse"
3 times

never break the place where the dwarfs dwell in or they'll get back to you

if you leave some more food on your plate when you finish eating, you'll be marrying someone with bad skin complexion

be careful with mirrors because if you break one it will give you bad luck

If a parent dies, then during the funeral of one of the parents, and if there are small kids left behind, let the kids one by one go over the dead person (over the casket) so that person will not bother the kid during their life

if the bride is getting married she should not show her bridal gown to the bride groom.

if you are planning to plant fruit trees, be sure your not hungry so the fruit trees will bare lots of fruits.

if you are planning to move to another house, be sure it's a full moon so it will give you luck

when moving to another house, before taking in all your belongings take first rice, water, crucifix or statue of Christ

if you go to sleep with your hair wet, you'll go blind

don't cut your toenails at night, cause then you're going to get bad luck.

if you whistle at night, you're going to call a ghost.

if you dream about your teeth, or like losing your teeth, that means someone is going to die. to get rid of the curse, you have to tell a plant (a plant?) your dream and the plant will die instead

if you dream of a person's death, then that person will live forever

When there's a spider or any other insects (except roaches...eeew!) don't kill it because it could be re-incarnations of past relatives and is present to watch over you and/or your family.

When you give someone a pair of shoes as a gift, ask the recipient to give the you money (penny, nickel, dime, quarters, or anything higher) so that they can say that they bought it off you. If that person doesn't give you money, he'll step all over you. You will be taken advantage.

When you're driving and a black cat runs across your path, spit out the window to avoid bad luck.

On New Year's Eve, jump up when the clock strikes midnight so that you will grow.

On New Year's Day, you should wear or have something around you that is either linear or circular so that you will have a prolonged life.

Don't sit on tables in a business office. Bad luck will come over the business.

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