Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today Conspiracy Theory Obama Is A Saudi Agent

Today Conspiracy Theory Obama Is A Saudi Agent
Oh, this is the best. A certain Avi Lipkin, who says his group is an Israeli spy, has been touring the testify explaining that he currently knows the key to Obama's yawning behavior: he is a Saudi agent! From Scarcely Hurry Watch:

Obama was through a Muslim man in Indonesia by age 11. He assumed, 'I've got health worry problems, I got worthwhile problems in America, Muslims in Egypt and Muslims in the Muslim world, be tolerant, I will discharge duty you on every occasion the time comes what I am leaving to do to Israel.' My group picked up other broadcasts, for class the Saudis were saying, 'we will control a Muslim in the Whitish Persist in in 2008.' The Saudis equally assumed, 'Obama has three tasks: reason symbol 1 is to explode the Shiite jeopardy in Iran, reason symbol 2 is to explode the Jewish jeopardy Israel, reason symbol 3 is to explode the tremendous Christian Satan America and turn America hip a Muslim testify.' Mr. Lipkin equally explains why some neocons are so chop about the Muslim Brotherhood's electoral victories in Egypt:

The Muslim Brotherhood is leaving to end up either elimination, converting to Islam or expelling the netting Christians of Egypt. Because the Christians of Egypt are gone, the thrift of Egypt is gone. Because the thrift of Egypt is gone, the 76 Muslims who be alive are leaving to starve to death. Equally do residents do on every occasion they starve? They lead. Anywhere do they go to? America. Who's leaving to bring them in? Obama. Anywhere is he leaving to execute them? In the lands confiscated by Suggest 21.Suggest 21! How may well we control used up that out? The Trilateral Court case was site far ahead on this one, dreaming up the global warming fraud to not blame their anti-American Suggest 21 so they may well use biologist fill to enfold the periphery and find the money for them to their Muslim render speechless troops! Populace clever bastards.

I know what you're site now: how does this unveil to the deficit?

America will be Muslim by 2016.... So you control Suggest 21, you control Sharia law, by the way I'm leaving to toss out a real wildcard now. You control all group residents who put out about the American charge like insolvable, someplace are you leaving to get 14 trillion from? The consequence is very simple, you don't marvel the Saudis control 14 trillion in cash? They'll find the money for you the cremation and they will say 'we own you now, we're leaving to hold to play with America.' And Americans will say, 'if we don't do this we're leaving to lose our thrift and we're leaving to lose our money and everything.' The American worthwhile grill is not a grill if the Saudis come in and bring in their cremation. The grill all the rage is America will fall to pieces its Christianity. Voila! It all force hip place.

And you vex Mormonism was curious.

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