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Lost Books List

Lost Books List
"THE Lost BOOKS OF THE BIBLE AND THE Long-ago BOOKS OF EDEN" Amount to of 35 Mechanism

(The Lost Books of the Bible)


1. The Gospel of the Birth of Mary

2. Protoevangelion

3. 1 The core Gospel of the Early years of Jesus Christ

4. 2 Thomas's Gospel of the Early years of Jesus Christ

5. Note of Christ & Abgarus

6. Gospel of Nicodemus (put a bet on Acts of Pontius Pilate

7. The Apostles' Belief

8. Note of Paul to Laodiceans

9. Epistles of Paul & Seneca

10.Acts of Paul & Thecla

11.1 Note of Composed to Corinthians

12.2 Note of Composed to Corinthians

13.Note of Barnabus

14.Note of Ignatius to Ephesians

15.Note of Ignatius to Magnesians

16.Note of Ignatius to Trallians

17.Note of Ignatius to Romans

18.Note of Ignatius to Philadelphians

19.Note of Ignatius to Smyrnaeans

20.Note of Ignatius to Polycarp

21.Note of Polycarp to Philippians

22.1 Hermas Visions

23.2 Hermas Tips

24.3 Hermas Similitudes

25.Kind of Herod & Pilate

26.The Lost Gospel of Peter


(Long-ago Books of Eden).


27.The encounter of ADAM & EVE w/Satan

28.2 The 2nd book of ADAM & EVE

29.The Copy of the Secrets of Enoch

30.The Psalms of Solomon

31.Odes of Solomon

32.Report of Aristeas

33.4th book of MACCABEES

34.Tale of Ahikar

35.Gravestone of Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulum, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Joseph, and Benjamin


Amount to of 52 Mechanism


1. The Thanks of the Apostle Paul

2. The Apocryphon (secret book) of James

3. The Gospel of Complexity

4. The Pamphlet on Revival

5. The Tripartite Tractate

6. The Apocryphon of John

7. The Gospel of Thomas

8. The Gospel of Phillip

9. The Hypostasis of the Archons

10.On the Slope of the Terrain

11.The Exegesis on the Heart

12.The Copy of Thomas the Gofer

13.The Gospel of the Egyptians

14.Eugnostos of the Cherubic

15.The Sophia of Jesus Christ

16.The Chatter of the Champion

17.The Apocalypse of Paul

18.The Young Apocalypse of James

19.The Ultra Apocalypse of James

20.The Apocalypse of Adam

21.The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles

22.The Crash, Unadulterated Understanding

23.Able Teaching

24.The Cosmos of Our Beefy Expenses

25.The Lecture on the Eighth and Ninth

26.The Thanks of Enhance (+ scribal proof)


28.The Rendition of Shem

29.The Ultra Pamphlet of the Beefy Seth

30.Apocalypse of Peter

31.The Knowledge of Silvanus

32.The Three Steles of Seth


34.The Report of Peter to Phillip


36.The Thoughtfulness of Norea

37.The Register of Complexity


39.The Annotations of Expertise

40.A Valentinian Essay

41.On the Anointing

42.On Baptism ceremony A

43.On Baptism ceremony B

44.On the Eucharist A

45.On the Eucharist B



48.The Sentences of Sextus

49.The Gospel of Complexity

50.Trimorphic Protennoia

51.The Gospel of Mary

52.The Act of Peter

**.A part of Plato's "Republic" was plus found together with the

greater than works.


Amount to of 15 works


1. 1 Esdras

2. 2 Esdras

3. Tobit

4. Judith

5. Carry on Chapters of the Copy of Esther

6. Wisdom of Solomon

7. Ecclesiasticus (Wisdom of Jesus son of Sirach)

8. Baruch

9. A Report of Jeremiah

10.The Phone of Three

11.Daniel and Susanna

12.Daniel, Bel, and the Roll (or Dragon)

13.Thanks of Manasseh

14.1 Maccabees

15.2 Maccabees

Amount to of 102 non-canonical works in three collections. Put forward are stationary other works than these! It should be noted in attendance that some of the Apocrypha are crystal-clear as charge by some and are implied in some translations of Bible, usually included in the midst of the Old and New Testaments.

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