Sunday, August 10, 2008

Famous 4 Face Buddha Phra Phom Thai Amulet

Famous 4 Face Buddha Phra Phom Thai Amulet
Name: Phra Phom ( 4 face buddha) (Sold)

Master: Lp hong

material: make from melting from on top than 39 deadly old amulets, and takrut to form.

Function: wealth, enterprise, allot wish, fulfil stuff.

"Valid story from a devotes who pray to 4 face Buddha:"

"We have been barren for on top than 10 verve and have moreover not been award-winning in adopting a baby. My wife and I was coaxed by work social group to pray for the Four Plaster Buddha being we were on a make the rounds to Bangkok on 7 Oct. Upon recurring to Malaysia currently we got shriek for a baby seeking for siding with and on 10 Oct we jubilantly got the baby. And the fact thing was the baby was uneducated on 7 Oct."

Dancers productive by worshipers in return for having their prayers answered at Erawan Memorial in Bangkok


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