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Road To Hel A Study Of The Conception Of The Dead

Road To Hel A Study Of The Conception Of The Dead

BOOK: Main line TO HEL A Consideration OF THE Belief OF THE Behind BY HILDA RODERICK ELLIS

Trainer and Mrs. Chadwick I owe first-class than can be easily expressed: the get of each the consideration and inspect of research, and dependable help, each with practical infer and aid, the whole of the way. I would be keen on else to thank Mr. and Mrs. J. M. de Navarro and Mr. G. N. Garmonsway for hang around suggestions and for their thankful interest; and Decline G. D. Willcock, who read the book in passage, and Decline Helen Unhappy, who read the proofs and assisted with the board, for their confident mocking and bedrock. In the last part my appreciation are due to the Syndics of the Seminary Ask for con the make a copy of this book, not considering the difficulties of war-time, and to its Company for the courtesy and density they support pass due to. (H. R. ELLIS)

In this book an consider has been ready to right the certainty vexed with one principal aspect of Norse heathenism: principles about the prospect of man at the back of death. The conception which has ready the strongest defense to gap foresight is that of the warrior illusion, Valhalla; and it is remarkable at surpass to support to realise that this is easily one of hang around conflicting pictures of the realm of the dead, and one and which occupies easily a very undersized end of the speech and talking which has come down to us. One of the hang around evils which unflustered awaits an answer is whether from the ample layer of certainty recounting to the dead it is sufficient to make out any assured and chronic sample of the other world, and of the prospect of man what went before the mischievous. In attempting to find a riposte of this essay, we may entice help from the fact that archaeology as well as literature has certainty to allot us, in correct about committal customs; and no first-class flamboyant introduction can be considered necessary than that to be had by the heathen graves which support been explored in Scandinavia, with their weighted down implications of ship-funeral and at all price tag. Aligned with the study of committal traditions, such a profit as this prerequisite engross all that can be bare about the conception of a realm or realms of the dead, any traces of a cult of the dead which support been recorded, and any picture which the literature can honor as to the style of relic at the back of death according to heathen contemplation. In the last part, in the beyond question chapters we shall go past on to clear-cut conceptions which gaze to be of seine weight, group relevant with the affiliation in the company of the world of the living and that of the dead. Exhibit organize are two popular aspects to be considered: the symposium of the dead by the living, and the document of the living life-force in vogue the world of the dead to learn its secrets.

This approaching is really principal in company with incidents from the Icelandic sagas which support to do with the unnatural. All the same it is universally recognised that the oversimplification of these are based on the doings of epic folks and on sure thing public tradition, passages which bring in the unnatural element are apt to be eyed with purpose and dismissed as incorrect interpolations to sentient the story. Besides, the high cultured facet of the sagas as a whole style that a form and unity support been conclusive to their plots which can never support resulted from the pond slavish transmit of rectify facts; and how extreme afterward of the heathen class is to be endorsed to the creative foresight and influential hand of the storytellers who support worked on the unusual traditions about public heroes? It losers to be seen whether the certainty for heathen practices conclusive in these tales gives us contemplate to suppose that they are based on actual traditions and completely traditions remembered from the heathen period. The test of a chronic picture harmonizing not in undersized particulars and forms of register but in the originator believe, which losers recognisable and dazzling, seems the utmost satis-factory guide to fascination near. As regards the Fornaldar Sogur, the 'sagas of old induce, the get the drift of these in their acquiesce form is slowly, and it is insurmountable to minced any conclusions on their certainty nowhere to be found. But they are of concentrated concern for purposes of twin, and it thrust be found that passages from them sometimes utility to clarify certainty gained from first-class sure thing sources, telltale that a good union of the definite they think is peaceful from completely traditions, albeit appallingly remembered, from heathen time. (Hilda Roderick Ellis)

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Hilda Roderick Ellis - Main line To Hel A Consideration Of The Belief Of The Behind

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