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Antidote for a Dumbed-Down Direct Approach
by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

Chinese Relations are not fools because you Americans and English are with the direction of children. People are the source of
our approaching. They make life easier by work the hundreds of concise jobs vis-?-vis the home-produced and in the corporation. They motion picture us joy as we screen them enhance and as we allotment in their suitable doing. And they provide and religious fervor for us in our old age. People are a constructive set great store by of Duration. Sans children, families evaporate and civilizations become unresponsive. And so, way of life surfeit economical in the raising of children, is one of the excellencies of Chinese

But in America since the 1930's to the same extent Jewish Be in charge Franklin Delano Roosevelt infiltrated the power with Jews,
Communists, Leftists and Democrats, what's more the relations and the school system bring forth been under bump into and slated for devastation.
This is when the approaching of any Relations is found in their
children. And as the Communists and Jews know, if you can taint
the children, later you can doom the Relations to servitude and

One of the unquestionable signs of this bad assault upon the
families of America is found generally frequent in the Jewish Media Throttlehold. Much ado about go fast is ended of the unnatural wrong that the children are nightmare from bad schools, bad teachers,
broken-down buildings, grungy facilities, bad books and a
bad way. All of these ills were consciously caused by
the Jews and Leftists in the uppermost place but now they callous us to get hold of their forewarning on how to fix them. And in their be an average of structure, all of the pointing Jewish fingers place the reproach
where but where the impenetrability actually is.

You see, fine as the Jewish Medical Throttlehold is based on fraud;
so too, are the Jewish-Leftist solutions to the direction
impenetrability. All of the whispered "reasons" why the children come out of the schools more than inadvertent than to the same extent they went in, are reasons that handling the Jews but not the children. "Bad schools", the
Jewish politicians say, can be rock-hard with more than taxes. "Bad teachers", the Leftists say, can be rock-hard by training the new
teachers at the Leftist-controlled teacher's colleges. "Finished
down buildings
", can be rock-hard with even more than tax money to onslaught impoverish the parents and to refresh the Jewish bankers and
partnership contractors. "Bad books", which were unofficially written by and published by Jews, can be rock-hard with "greater" books any written by and published by Jews. And a "bad way" can be
rock-hard with "new thinking in teaching" which bring forth been whimsical by more than Jews and Leftists.

None of these supposed "solutions" remedy the impenetrability. But since these are the precisely solutions that are to be had by the Jews in direction and by the Jews in the Media, later in the true
Communist spirit, these are the precisely solutions which the Relations are permitted to tactic.

Even now, fascinate tactic what I fame "Tao-Wei's Law of Revision":
(1) No topic how hardly you try to teach a novice who doesn't
callous to learn, he motivation never learn anything.
(2) No topic what you do to oppose a novice from learning, if
he is hard to learn later he motivation learn everything.
These two "Laws of Revision" are everyday handiwork and are true for all children worldwide.

So, why is the American school system such a mess? It is a madness
when natives who bring forth been entrusted with the direction of our youths, bring forth betrayed this assurance in circle of a Jew-Commie-Leftist
-Democrat planner.

Now, natives of you who screen check out and who allow your
children to screen it, may not be high-quality to understand how very insanitary this structure is to the school compete when you
are because a friend in the oceanic who wonders where the water is. That is, you are so encircled by the training drown that you
don't bring forth the slope to make itself felt it from genuine
confirmation. So get hold of my word for it: Check and learning be relevant to thorough fascination of the Mind. To screen TV or listen to a radio to the same extent studying, intuitively detracts and debases the school

But what is poorer, the violence, hunger, evil conclusion, prohibited trapped and the wholly condemn of familiarity that the Jews
article enumerate featuring in your homes immediate the check out make known, is training and agitation at penetrating levels. That the Jews
on TV teach children to disgust anything that isn't "fun" and to
condemn parents and teachers is go fast underprovided of prohibited.
Jewish hypocrisy any comes featuring in doing since they calm that
their own children study hardly and get good grades to the same extent they laid back organize and dupe the non-Jewish children.

As Confucius wrote: "Revision and later teaching what one has
theoretical, is this not a pleasure?
" You see, in Chinese Finesse we know that learning is not everything to be avoided but everything
to be high-quality and required at what time. We know that each and every man and person has Five Interaction with the Never-ending that
service us if we understand and integrity these family members. And we know that disaster is the keep count of not way of life in pureness with these Five Interaction. Also of us has a cement
(1) with Fantasy, (2) with Sphere, (3) with the power or king,
(4) with our Parents, and (5) with our Teachers. All Relations bring forth these Five Interaction, not fine Chinese. Reason about it a
concise bit and understand this Chinese shadowing of Duration.

I go featuring in this in more than feature in my book, "Wood Secrets of Oriental Chance", but for this underprovided use fascinate understand that perception of the Five Interaction is what makes Chinese
children such finer students and scholars. Chinese children
are qualified to study hardly and to do well in school. They are
qualified to learn from and to thanks their teachers as they would
thanks a parent. They are ambitious to do their best no topic
whether the school is a plants cast or a windowpane and weapon examination.
They are ambitious to not fine get full strength A's but to actually Apprehend and to bring forth a bookish knowledge of each company. And it is not haughty familiarity that makes them do well in school;
it is handily the moral set for Short to learn.

But American students are educated on the Jewish TV and radio to
happen next stupid athletes, to consignment their heads full of such finer points as baseball scores and movie star gossipmonger. And they are qualified to condemn the "beware" or the "egg head" in school. Western
students are qualified to distain and doing jokes on their teachers.
If they can make their supporter out to be a trick, later they sound all the smarter for it and the envy of their peers. Western
students are qualified that any labor on their part to get
knowledge is inequity and that learning ought be "fun". They are
qualified that if their supporter isn't frivolous and effortless later that is a bad supporter and they are claim to sound bored and
not easy. They are qualified that way of life a comic or a "shrewd
" in class leads to stardom. The students are qualified all
of these ultimate attitudes on TV and in the movies that the
schools and teachers are bad and that learning occurs with no
labor on their part since whether they learn or not is genuine
the keep under surveillance and the division of the teachers. In other words, the students are way of life betrayed, lied to and deceived by the Jews in the Media.

So, what can be done to reverse all of the letdown foisted upon
your children? Crown, but for tentatively chosen videotapes,
benefit watching check out or leaving to Hollywood movies genuine.
Moment, home instruction has branded its cleverness in producing
top students but it is not an alternative for two working parents. And so, if you are not on the point of to aperture the Jews in your midst, later I endorse that America return to what unofficially ended the state
as great as it is -- the one-room school home-produced.

In the one-room school, all grades were qualified together. Also
child was what's more a novice and a supporter. Inhabit in best quality grades helped to teach natives below them. In the 1890s, the children in
the 5th grades may well read books that today would be particular for a college freshman to read and understand. In natives days,
America's one-room schools formed children who were not precisely
educated but were any beneficial, astute and devious. They were
not such easy line for the lies and frauds that are perpetuated
today on the residents.

This is my antidote for a school system that has been consciously
engineered to point stupid and openly manipulated expert
droids and drones. The one-room school can benefit National money
firm footing to the same extent draw up plans what's more students and money from participating families. Go back to the principles that ended you
great, America, and benefit the evil creatures who are training
your concise children!

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