Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mr Spencers Cube

Mr Spencers Cube
Unquestionable Documents guy Colin Campbell posts about researching a pasting mention in the keep a record "Initiated Remarks of Prim and proper Magical" [also] by Aleister Crowley of "Mr Spencer's Clear".

"I was re-reading Crowley's "Initiated Remarks of Prim and proper Magical" in the lead matter of his 1904 style of Goetia for something about the seven hundredth time yesterday. In it, he mentions "Mr. Spencer's Anticipated Clear", something I had never hectic the time to groundwork. Until, well yesterday." [via]

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* "By perfecting his hold, by struggles against his own natural propensities, the candidate is working the inclement ashlar of his own human being arrived the exemplar parade, and I would ask you to view also that the parade itself contains a secret, for expand, it itself denotes and takes the form of the angry."


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