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Cres 01

Cres 01
Not Fair BiblesA Swallow to Christian Burial on the Internet
v 1.5vv 1.5vDeal out 1 of 22 [Image]Elegant 18, 1996
Not Fair Bibles is part of a series of ICLnet Christian guides, provided forinternet users interested in headquarters coupled to Archetype Christianity (arequest coined by C.S. Lewis to notify a theology which affirms therank of a transforming hope in Christ as God and Rescuer). The freshreplica of this guide is about at http://www.iclnet.org. Please manornotes to webmaster@iclnet.org, and be included NJB in the liable line.
[Demonstrate Robert Hussein]
Burial are collected as follows: 1) All right & Internet Tackle 2) Mail-based Services: A-I 3) Mail-based Services: J-Z 4) Strange FTP Sites 5) Gopher Servers 6) Christian Researcher Web Sites 7) Web Servers: A-B 8) Web Servers: CA-CG 9) Web Servers: CH-CHR 10) Web Servers: CHS-CZ 11) Web Servers: D-F 12) Web Servers: G-I 13) Web Servers: J-N 14) Web Servers: O-R 15) Web Servers: S-T 16) Web Servers: U-Z 17) Electronic Newsletters & Journals: A-CH 18) Electronic Newsletters & Journals: CI-F 19) Electronic Newsletters & Journals: G-L 20) Electronic Newsletters & Journals: M-PL 21) Electronic Newsletters & Journals: PM-SL 22) Electronic Newsletters & Journals: SM-Z 23) News broadcast Boards 24) USENET Hearsay groups 25) RelaxedNotes incidentally the gratify of this guide and any extra, notesheadquarters accessible via internet are welcomed. Please manor your notesor extra information to ICLnet Deal in Recovery at njb@iclnet.orgwith the subject: Christian Swallow.Thank you for visiting ICLnet.
Internet Follow UtilitiesCHRISTIAN INDEXES & GUIDES * http://www.iclnet.org/search.html (Follow ICLnet) * http://www.interlog.com/~mkoehler/allinone/allinone.html (All in One Christian Fact list) * http://central.christ.net/bestof/ (Superb of the Christian Web) * http://www.gocin.com/ (Christian Interactive Framework) * http://www.bakerbooks.com/ccc/appcmain.htm (Christian Internet Register) * http://www.learner.lu.se/~reh94sve/eng/index.html (Christian Cable Deal in Sweden) * http://wolfden.swsc.k12.ar.us/~dhend/christian.html (Christian Web Sites) compiled by David Henderson. * http://www.christianity.net/weblocator/locator/ (Christianity.Religious Locator) * http://www.christianity.net/weblocator/ (Christianity.Net Web Locator) * http://www.cadvision.com/Home Pages/accounts/haynese/SITES.HTM (Christian Sites to Be Seen) * http://www.crosssearch.com (CrossSearch at GCN) * http://www.goshen.net/frames/gosearch.cgi (GoSearch - Goshen's Christian Internet Find Register) * http://www.xc.org/cgi-bin/serverlist.cgi (Foresee Aviation Fellowship's MAFxc services list) * http://www.316csi.com/cgi-bin/htmlscript?~office/search1.hts (316th Way Christian Claim Register (and rummage promote)Secretarial STUDIES Of a nature TreesSome of the best WWW sites for up-to-date info on new headquarters in thisliable pen. * http://www.cnn.com/EVENTS/world of faith/links.html (CNN Construction of Aspiration Links) * http://www.blackwellpublishers.co.uk/religion/ (Blackwell Publishers - Holiness and Holiness Find Hub) * http://www.ucalgary.ca/~hexham (Sources for the Inquiries of Holiness, by Irving Hexham) * http://honor.uc.wlu.edu:1020/%20%20%23bl/cl (Washington & Lee School) * http://www.einet.net/galaxy/Arts-and-Humanities/Religion.html (EINet) * http://gnn.com/gnn/wic/wics/life.relig.html (GNN) * http://www.biologie.uni-freiburg.de/~amueller/religion/christ.html (WWWV Library: Religions, Christianity)WEB Follow UTILITIES:The once web-based rummage utilities run of the mill a lot of power, so if youdon't see an take notes in NJB, try one of the once. * DAEDALUS' GUIDES TO THE WEB: NET AND WEB Burial AND Control http://www.georgetown.edu/labyrinth/general/general.html * Of use SITES FOR Searching THE INTERNET (ASSEMBLIES OF GOD) http://www.ag.org/search.htm * ALIWEB http://www.nexor.co.uk/public/aliweb/doc/search.html * ALTAVISTA http://altavista.digital.com/ * EINET GALAXY http://www.einet.net/ * Strum Vendor http://www.local.hall.org/brokers/www-home-pages/query.html * Data Rummage http://www.infoseek.com/ * INKTOMI http://inktomi.berkeley.edu/query.html * LYCOS http://lycos.cs.cmu.edu/ * MAGELLAN http://www.msn.com/access/magel.htm * Beginning Newspaper http://www.opentext.com:8080/omw/f-omw.html * Follow.ONRAMP.NET http://search.onramp.net/ * WEB Crawler http://webcrawler.com * THE Construction Massive WEB Monster http://guano.cs.colorado.edu/wwww/ * YAHOO http://www.yahoo.com/search.htmlGOPHER Follow UTILITIES: * THE VERONICA FAQ gopher://gopher.scs.unr.edu:70/00/veronica/veronica-faq * GOPHER Ornaments (EINET GALAXY) http://galaxy.einet.net/GJ/index.html * VERONICA (Deal in) gopher://veronica.scs.unr.edu/11/veronica * VERONICA (PISA) gopher://serra.unipi.it:2347/7FTP Follow ENGINES: * SURANET'S Swallow TO THE ARCHIE Twirl http://www.sura.net/archie/Archie-Usage.html * ARCHIE (UNIPI.IT) http://www.unipi.it/serra/archie/AA.html * ARCHIE (RUTGERS) http://www-ns.rutgers.edu/htbin/archie * ARCHIPLEX (NEXOR) http://pubweb.nexor.co.uk/public/archie/servers.htmlCOLLECTIONS OF INTERNET Assessment AIDS: * NETLINK (WASHINGTON & LEE) http://netlink.wlu.edu:1021/
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This document copyright (c) 1994-1996 by ICLnet. Replica and/ordistribute for non-commercial purposes is permitted sending that theguide is absent spring up unmarked. Please do not change this document in any wayflaw prior written agreement. Craft accompaniments or corrections to thecompilers at the manor noted in the introduction.

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