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Wishing Wells And Well Magick

Wishing Wells And Well Magick Cover
Each well is said to have it's own guardian spirit. The guardian sprits of wells are sometimes deities and other times nymphs or sprites. Water drawn at dawn from a particularly deep well is said to cure a toothache. Traditionally, a well should be fed a slice of bread each year on New Years Day. In some parts of the world, it is also traditional to dress the well with flowers.

Wishing wells specifically collect offerings from those petitioning the guardian spirit of the well. The petitioner must ask for the wish to be granted silently or by whispering. Typical offerings are coins, pebbles, and pins. This custom derives from an older custom that utilized stones. It is thought that when you toss your coin into the well, the guardian spirit will then decide whether or not to belss you with what you desire.

Wells, especially in areas where drinking water is scarce, evoke radient fertility power. This is particularly true of open wells, fed by rain and constantly charged by moonlight. To utilize this power, charge a rag with your desire for fertility and attach it to the well.

The first water of a new well is charged with extra power. Therefore the first drink is customarily offered to a childless woman as a fertility potion.

Source: Elemental Witch

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