Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Master Grimoire Of Magickal Rites And Ceremonies

The Master Grimoire Of Magickal Rites And Ceremonies Cover

Book: The Master Grimoire Of Magickal Rites And Ceremonies by Nathan Elkana

I use the above title because the rituals described in this book DO WORK!! i repeat, the rituals in this book DO WORK!!!!this is not another new age book full of filler!this is a practical grimoire of ceremonial magick!it teaches you to use SERIOUS powers!! this book uses egyptian & caballistic magick, two of the most POWERFUL systems of magick known,i believe this to be the reason for the author's use of a pseudonym because the Golden Dawn system draws heavilly upon egyptian and caballistic magick and their members are sworn to secrecy regarding their use.i wish i had found this book sooner!this book is hard to find so i ordered a copy directly from it's publisher, finbarr international. also it's listed quite often on ebay.get your hands on this book however you can! (reader's review)

This book was the first and only book I personally have a success story with. I have on my path purchased many books from beginner to complex. This one I have always been drawn too. I received my copy from a friend of my father who had willed it to me. Since recieving this book I have had a whirlwind of fun in my life. I have the best Pals and family life i could ever hope for and I started and now own my own business. I would love for anyone to get just a small peice of what i have received. As i was told by Mr. Scott many times before his passing. "You hold the key to all the Magick ,you just need direction" And "trust me all the magick works" words I will forever adhere too and spread to those around me. Thanks and Thanks to Nathan Elkana for publishing this awesome practical Text. (reader's review)

This book is fabulous! shows incredible magic spells, are simples and effectives, shows real and complete rituals to get money, love,unhex, defence,and a great metod to make charge and consacrate talismans. Nathan Elkana probably is the psedonymous of some powerful and famous black witch. Definitively this author reveled some of REAL spells(black and white) on this simple but powerfull grimoire. (reader's review)

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