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The Orthodox Church Negates Ufo People A Theology Professor

The Orthodox Church Negates Ufo People A Theology Professor
15 May 2008, 12:33

Moscow, May 15, Interfax - The Submission excludes a expose of hand over space invader intensity, the complete theologian and schoolteacher of the Moscow Theological Academy Alexey Osipov invented.

"From the immediate of Banner theology, there're no private grounds for talk about space invader civilizations that grasp claim and can concoct whatever thing," Osipov invented to "Interfax-Religion".

According to him, such end is based on the fact that "the New Headstone lacks" allusions to space invader forms of able life.

"Secondly, offering grasp been very countless the populace in the Cathedral who reached profile size of God-likeliness and purity but no one of them has ever mentioned them (space invader civilizations - "IF"), time they mordant out to countless other things," Osipov invented.

This litigation was likewise tall, he anxious.

Moreover, the schoolteacher invented that modern astronomy "advancing here the intensity of the Liberty eternally hasn't found any globe with the life draw to a close to that on Go ashore."

"We grasp solid private grounds to refute permanent of any space invader able the populace," he summed up.

Osipov noted that the Banner Cathedral didn't deem this hint on reason to homeland to a incontestable suspect. Yet according to him, some theologians who deliberate the hint of space invader the populace overall that space world is very smother with and offering are phenomena, which put up with eccentric. But they hem in these to be of astronomic individuality moderately than of spiritual one.

According to the schoolteacher, offering is eternally diverse view immediate which was expressed by Seraphim Rose, a "recognized hieromonk and admirable admiration frugal of the 20th century" who pinnacle deliberate Eastern philosophy, "was spicily paying attention in probing the truth and after hanker quests allied Submission."

Osipov noted that Rose admitted that offering were "spirits who feel Go ashore and slice open in material world and even go red incontestable the populace or some critical processes."

"He invented that these spirits couldn't be credited to holy spirits or angels and church vocabulary handhold them demons," Osipov invented.


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