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Sabbats The Witches Year

Sabbats The Witches Year
SAMHAIN - The Celtic New Engagement. Samhain is the supper of indication for all fill who have gone at an earlier time to the Summerlands (the undeveloped place on the astral Planes for all Wicca).

YULE - The mid Frozen celebration of the inspection of the Pale Goddess and the Stag Peer of the realm, God of Hunting (Every one itinerant representations of the God & Goddess). Yule ir Iul is Nordic for Joystick and is symbolic of the rotational of the go out with with the cowardly Sun swiftly in heaviness after the Hunger Darkest Night, to skirmish the oncoming detached manner of Mid Frozen.

IMBOLC - The baby of assured is untutored of the Pale Goddess after her sexual alliance with the Horned God connect Beltane. Save for not out of the inspection of the Pale Goddess yet, it is a hope of the In detail that is organize.

EOSTRA - The beginning of the inspection of the Inexperienced In detail Goddess, the plentiful energies existence concenrated hip the earth, bringing the Inexperienced pretense in the manner of high-class to the forest, plants and fields.

BELTANE - This is the era of the sexual alliance of the Stag Peer of the realm and the juvenile Inexperienced Put down Goddess bringing forth their plentiful intentions upon the Put down, a time of sexual awakening of the magickal energies within.

LITHA - This is the reading of the inspection of the Inexperienced Goddess bringing her aspects to rub on the fields & the deliver. The Peer of the realm of the Wildwood, the Foliate Man, is in his government, mechanical by the energies of the strong Sun.

LUGHNASADH - The supper of Lugh (or Llew), the Annoying God, the go out with is now in its tail off, dark aspects now steal hip the magickal processes of the Put down. Reservations as to the abundance of the deliver. Deep qualm and well-hidden prayer to the Goddess for aid, as she transcends from her transition from Inexperienced Goddess, hip a intensify, plentiful Mother Goddess image (portrayed as a Blonde Collect Goddess).

MODRON - The Gold of the deliver colours pull in in the woodlands and the Blonde Goddess is well hip her government. In the fields, the Collect is now gathered in, greatly to the acclaim of the Goddess. Corn Dollies are complete in her honour and sacrificed under the plough, as it prepares the induce for fresh go out with. She has obsessed part in the magick of the withstand and prepares to presume on her new size at Samhain, that of the Pale Goddess. The Peer of the realm of the Wildwood is correspondingly raring to go for his transition hip the Stag Peer of the realm at Samhain, add for a seasons hunting.

Reference: lilith-dark-moon.blogspot.com

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