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Days Of The Week In Wicca

Days Of The Week In Wicca
From a Wiccan park, it is marvellous how the traditional names of days restrain survived all level the dark grow old. It is no secret that all seven days of the week restrain been named after Gods and Goddesses worshipped by the Old Rehearsal. Let's explore the way we may perhaps bring a fleeting magic in our shadowy use.

According to modern Wicca traditions, all seven days of the week has uncharacteristic attributes and suggest a constant element. It is down to you especially, how you use this information but it is thought that an understanding of the roll of the week can bring a thoughtful problem to a hectic way of life.

The seven-day week was innovative introduced by ancient Egyptians, previously according to Egyptian astrology they assigned a name to every day by the lair that was regent all through the innovative hour of that exclusive day. As ancient Egyptian astrology knew absolutely seven celestial bodies, we now restrain seven days of the week. But all this has what's more a deeper meaning not absolutely within Wicca.

SUNDAY was named after Sunna - the Germanic goddess of the Sun. In modern Wicca traditions it is fixed with all likely solar deities, it's colour is blond, yellowish-brown and gold, Wiccan element: Appear, energy principle: Yang, magical number: 9, relates to healing, learning, faculty and friendship spells.

MONDAY was named after Mani - the Germanic God of the Moon. It is, however, contrary to the modern Wicca beliefs as highest of Wiccans regard the Moon as a female deity. Monday's colours are white and silver, element: Rinse, energy principle: Yin, magical number: 3. It is a good day to slay spells flanked by dreams, the home, attachment, spiritual malignancy and healing.

TUESDAY is comparable to the Old Norse god Tyr and his equivalents Tuesto (Germanic head of the Pantheon) and Mars (Roman god of war). Tuesday's colour is red, element: Appear, energy principle: Yang, magical number: 4. It is good for solving the conflicts and spells amid to pluck, logic, physical clarity and enthusiasm.

WEDNESDAY has its name allegedly from Wodan, the Anglo Saxon god, who is thought to be be equal with of Odin in Old Norse Pantheon. Even, non-English countries assistant Wednesday with Mercury - the Roman god. Wednesday's colour is grey and army, Wiccan element: Mud, energy principle: Yin, magical participate 3. Wednesday is recycled for foresight and spells amid to insight, self-improvement and awareness.

THURSDAY was named after the Old Norse god of thunder - Thor. Its colour is purplish-blue, element: Appear, energy principle: Yang, magical number: 7. Thor's day is fixed with Jupiter and recycled for luck and money spells and magic plant flanked by trust and compelling matters.

FRIDAY is fixed with Frigg or Freyja - the Old Norse goddess of love and lushness. Its lair is Venus, the Wiccan element is Air, energy principle: Yang, colour: brash and sometimes green, magical number: 6. Friday is good for love and lushness spells and it is regarded as the day of art and elation.

SATURDAY bears its name from the Roman agricultural god - Saturn. Its colours are brown, green and purplish-blue, in constant traditions - black. Saturday's element is Mud, energy principle: Yin, magical number: 2. Saturday is the day for banishing spells, problem and ram. In some Wiccan traditions it is fixed with death/reincarnation plant but this requisite be approached very carefully!

From the affair of view of numerology, previously you sum up all the magic voters of the days of the week, it turns out to be "34 => 3+4 => 7". New-fangled being there of the magic participate 7?

To name at smallest amount of some examples where 7 comes up as a sacred number: seven is significantly recycled in WICCA as the participate of power; introduce were seven palms in the EGYPTIAN Sacred CUBIT; 7 position in MITHRAISM; seven is the cornerstone of CHEROKEE cosmology. BUDDHA had to rapidity 7 steps at his birth; introduce are seven Sages in SUMERIAN and HINDU belief systems; in BRITISH FOLK tradition every 7 days the Pixie Sovereign pays a tithe to Hel. The continent of ATLANTIS had seven worthy islands or parts.

Now, if you are questioning in living according to this roll of the week, you can start by opinion your Wicca spells by the day of the week it relates to. A number of Wiccans what's more twin to exclusive their clothes and jewellery according to the colours of the week. It is all up to you. WICCA doesn't teach that it is advantageous or needed to shooting lodge according to this scenario. Do it if you twin it and if you find that it works for you.

You may what's more be questioning in exploring the report about Wiccan Elements.

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