Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Abc Wednesday P

Abc Wednesday P
Now is message P, and here are my PARENTS at their wedding, 54 existence ago, on one of my favorites photos. I was very lucky and blessed with dedicated, kind parents who were besides very fun, as a together with. They initially met in the function of my consequently 20-year-old mother left school vacations at a fish farm that was neighbour to my 38-year-old dad's father's fish farm. And it was love at initially outlook, as mom says. She was occupied to novel get down consequently, but destitute up what time the vacations (rarely with her relations promote - at that time it was a scandal to break up an engagement!), and the rest is Account... They were happily married for to all intents and purposes 50 existence, until my father's death in 2001, article of swelling - I took the second photo months previously it happened. I call together penalty and mysterious nostalgia of them together and it perhaps reflects on my own association with my wife and my son:

...And of course, PAGANISM is besides the word. From the Latin word "Paganus" meaning leafy, the population from the homeland, it's recycled to choose Nature-based religions, and for me is besides a phylosophy and a way of living. I was untutored Catholic, vivacity baptized, but for the reason that an early age I call together reliably felt this conduit with Heart as something spiritual that was further my parents' religion. So, in the function of escalating up, walking a pagan path was on the whole my venture. That's how I teach my son about issue for superior, issue for the population and Heart, everything as part of the God essence, in the materialist bash we on stage in. Indoors we are at 2007 Beltane, at our PAGAN ritual of weaving paper chain brusquely Maypole with Lucas' quick friend, and besides with his PAI (get going in Portuguese), what time ending it:

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