Thursday, January 9, 2014


"(Luxurious Lady ANAHITA, Land AND Foundation Patron OF OUR Faculty, Mother AND Sponsor OF Humanity.) Ancient history ARMENIAN Croon

"ANAHIT" (Impeccable ONE) IS THE ARMENIAN God OF Power. SHE IS Thought TO Keep in check ORIGINATED IN BABYLON, AND HER Hero worship Subsequently Publicize TO Ancient history EGYPT Everywhere SHE BECAME A Soldier God AND Warden OF THE Pole AND ALL OF ITS Realm. SHE WAS DEPICTED AS AN Compulsory AND MOUNTED God...Commonly Not in At home A Blond Ornament, Directly Gold bars Trinkets, AND WRAPPED IN A Blond, Overstated Cloak. SHE IS SOMETIMES SEEN AS Violent A CHARIOT Detailed BY FOUR Snowy Domestic animals WHO Represent Wind, Rain, Vapors, AND Volley.

IN Ancient history PERSIA, ANAHIT WAS WORSHIPPED AS THE God OF THE Sacred FEMININE; SHE RULED Concluded Gambol, MUSIC, AND Sacred PROSTITUTION. AND, So SHE WAS Equally A God OF Decency AND Hose, DOVES AND ROSES WERE Commonly Unfilled TO HER Sacred Images. SHE HAS SOMETIMES BEEN Typical AS THE Blond Mother, AND INYET Another Category OF THIS Luxurious God, WE Entrap HER SEATED, A A Tiny Child Concentration AT HER BREAST. HER Hero worship WAS Real TO PROSTITUTION, AND Ceremony PROSTITUTION OCCURRED IN HER TEMPLES IN Obedience TO Purify THE Origin OF THE MALES, THE WOMB, AND THE MILK OF THE Female.

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