Thursday, January 16, 2014

Famous Witch To Recieve Blue Plaque

Famous Witch To Recieve Blue Plaque
"DOREEN VALIENTE, THE Mother OF Modern WITCHCRAFT, is to be the basic Witch to clutch her life commemorated with a at a low level plate to be unveiled on MIDSUMMER'S DAY, 2013" IN BRIGHTON, SUSSEX.

The public attitude crowd the significant presentation at "Tyson Locate off Grosvenor "Track" where Doreen lived and rigorous dignitaries, Pagans and the city attitude recover on FRIDAY 21ST JUNE 2013 to treat as a celebrity the life of this startling lady whose line say to modern Paganism is planned a major idea in the progress of the work intercontinental.

AT "The middle of the day (Summer Solstice)" clique and friendship attitude run into at Brighton's "Steine District(Old Steine)" where an open ritual, celebrating all the solstice and the life of Doreen Valiente, attitude be held. Give to attitude be a wire to Tyson Locate, led by the "Pentacle Drummers" and, when at Tyson Locate, give to attitude be outlast music from "Beck Sian" and "Paul Mitchell" as well as dancing from "Hunter's Moon Morris Dancers" and "Nina McGhee".

AT 2:45 PM the plate attitude be unveiled by a special guest who attitude in addition to, with other officials and VIPs, perform a greet hosted by the population committee of Tyson Locate, little listeners and attendants attitude be entertained with self-important music and dancing.

7 PM Adherent this, the followers attitude evolution to the Environmentalist Log on Depot, where Brighton-based Pagan magazine, Greenmantle, attitude contin ue the revelry as part of their 20th Silver jubilee section.

"The Doreen Valiente Funds", a courteous organisation whose founder, John Belham-Payne, was bequeathed Doreen Valiente's perfect bunch and writings clutch announced diplomacy in conjunction with Brighton & Hove Committee to grant a permanent home for her motivating bunch of artefacts in a new museum which attitude too become a centre for expertise in the fields of "folklore, Witchcraft and Pagan studies".

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