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The Black Raven Or The Threefold Coercion Of Hell

The Black Raven Or The Threefold Coercion Of Hell Cover

Book: The Black Raven Or The Threefold Coercion Of Hell by Johann Georg Faust

This is Doctor Johannes Faustis Miracul Art and Magic Book, or The Black Raven, or also named The Threefold Coercion of Hell. With this book I, Dr. Johannes Faust, have coerced all the spirits so that they had to bring to me whatever I desired: be it go ld, silver, treasures large and small, also the spring-root, and whatever else is available on Earth.

The book of Doctor Johannes Faust is one of the best known grimoires in the German realm. German magicians usually referred to it as "Doctor Faust's Coercion of Hell." They ascribe its origin to the Jesuits, perhaps a result of the style of the book.

Beginning magicians used this grimoire in the main for its talismans. For the person who knows how to read between the lines, this grimoire offers a lot more. It opens up the access to magical powers of an enormous potential, especially when the student has also access to the Faustian Tarot. This deck of cards is not a Tarot Deck in the strictest sense, but rather a Representation of the energies that slumber deep within ourselves, ready to serve the person who has the courage to awaken them.

I admonish the reader to read between the lines and thus gain access to the magical powers that are inherent in this fascinating book of German sorcery.

I have written a commentary to the Coercion of Hell. In this commentary, I give you some insights in the times of the writing of this book. This brief analysis will explain why the original author had to write the grimoire in this form. In addition, I am giving you some hints of how to read between the lines so you can draw the maximum benefit from this fascinating work of German sorcery.

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