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The Golden Chain Of Homer

The Golden Chain Of Homer Cover

Book: The Golden Chain Of Homer by Anton Josef Kirchweger

The influential 'Golden Chain of Homer', written or edited by Anton Josef Kirchweger, was first issued at Frankfurt and Leipzig in four German editions in 1723, 1728, 1738 and 1757. A Latin Version was issued at Frankfurt in 1762, and further German editions followed.
In the late eighteenth century Sigismund Bacstrom made a rather poor Translation of the work into English. Part of this was published in the Theosophical Society Journal 'Lucifer' in 1891. A number of manuscript copies of this translation have survived. Although the translation is more a summary than an exact translation of the original, it is an important late work on alchemy, so I have decided to include this translation here, despite its imperfections. I am indebted to Jerry Bujas for making an initial transcription.

This is an excellent book of Alchemy. It goes into great detail on nature and its beginnings. Discusses the elements and minerals common in all living things. A very good book for those learning Alchemy. Please Note: This book is easy to read in true text, not scanned images that can sometimes be difficult to decipher.

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