Sunday, May 20, 2007

Biblia Cabalistica

Biblia Cabalistica Cover

Book: Biblia Cabalistica by Walter Begley

THERE is little need for an extended preface to this book, for the title-page shows very plainly its purport and the nature of the contents. I would simply say here, that the following pages
are chiefly intended for lovers and collectors of literary curiosities, a class of readers who are, I believe, on the increase nowadays.

People with such tastes do not so much care for the books "which" they are told, "no gentleman s library should be without" as for books that are curious, paradoxical, out of the common run, and
not before met with in the course of their reading. This book should therefore well meet their requirements. And 1 can only hope that it will also succeed in attracting the attention and satisfying
the curiosity of a few, at least, of that somewhat eccentric band of bibliophiles whose ranks I joined some years ago, and have never regretted my enlistment.

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