Sunday, May 20, 2007

February Magick

February Magick Cover
To Wisdom I call out, Wisdom I invoke

Wisdom I embrace, Wisdom that once spoke

in every wheeling star,

in every sturdy oak:

Show your face again, Sophia!

Remove your shadow cloak!

February gets its name from the word "meaning "to purify." This is likely due to the fact that February was the traditional month of cleansing in Rome, when people repented of holiday excesses. The official day for focusing on purification is February 15. (I suspect the ancient cure for hangovers, onion juice, saw a lot of use this day). This cleansing theme also explains the prevalence of water-themed celebrations during this month, along with festivals for the dead.

By now the hectic pace of the holidays has begun to settle down, and life returns to some semblance of normalcy. Nonetheless, the need for the Goddess does not go away during day-to-day activities. If anything, making life an act of worship means including her in even the simplest of things. In terms of energy, any magic focused on growth, well-being, purification, cleansing, or initiation is suited to this month's aspects

Suggested e-books:

Aleister Crowley - Intro Magick
Ed Richardson - Seidr Magic

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