Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself But Im No Man Of Wealth And Taste P

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself But Im No Man Of Wealth And Taste P

I am Zenefertiti

Following 22 million other tribe in the world, I live in Australia... innate and bred. Following vegemite, which is juicy. (Don't sustain the sell) I am a mum, sister, friend, girlfriend, devotee, retail administer and sometimes a misguided individual.. mainly display the Rolling in it Moon... :) Soooo further energy. I make happy the New Moon. I am at present halfway address my year and a day, studying with the Loutish Witch Academia, which has been an awesome discern. Moonsong Precipitation and Scarlett Sports ground and the other witchy wannabes grant are dear family - I gorge learnt so further... earnestly, fiercely and intellectually! My cup absolutely runneth above...

I correspondingly gorge my own page, SerendipitousZenefertiti, be aware of free to assistance it out from time. I precisely shaped a page for Paganesque - as a advantageous of divide my spirit with the world. You gotta start somewhere! I gorge lots of obese information for Paganesque - any the facebook page and the blog :) It preference be a lot of work above the instant year as I add to it - but I gorge a suggestion in thoughtfulness and I preference get grant. This is the second time today seeing that I gorge invented grant is a plan to my madness!

I gorge ever long-awaited to be a writer, still as you know, life gets in the way. I correspondingly pressure to be a Solicitor, so am at present studying the post grad experience to do that.. I love hand out tribe.

I'm correspondingly insanely probing in Dreaming, Synchronicity, Prediction, Tarot, Runes, Musing, Candle magic, Witchy pop culture, books and the Law of Extract... so you can hopefulness to see some posts from me on these. I correspondingly preference be grassy my sign and influence to do readings.. so we preference see how that goes.

Sorry I've rambled on, I gorge further to say! Plan I may possibly nap you I'm not a raconteur in individual. But I am. This is me....

I am the take in - it is my cloud tarot example I am working address. it feels dear a bit of a considerable laugh at - but one that makes procedure. The card I pulled seeing that I started the year and a day was the Recluse - departure on that solitary path, guided by light, a parsley, a sharp od man so to speak - beginning a outing... and now I'm the Poke fun at, with a reason full of information and the hurry and energy to get-up-and-go the instant leg, but pray to be nontoxic.. but moreover once again, I'm putting believe in the Universe. So it preference be exciting which is the instant card I preference guide. I presume I preference do it on the instant New Moon :)

Joyful Plug everyone! Believe free to come back with and offer me feedback!

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