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Altar Pictures My Portable Charms Altar

Altar Pictures My Portable Charms Altar
I was stirred by Elisa's wool on 20 Enjoyable Altar Notion. I suggest you to read it round...


What I can't find any talent of Isis, I arranged to make an altar that would keep above meaning to me. As of I'm a "cloak-and-dagger witch" that hides my tools in succinct, disguised seats, a cell phone home altar sounded be on a par with a good belief.

I put some black sand in a sec pal cavern and hand-me-down charms from a domestic craft store to standard my occult beliefs.

Take to the air (inside) - Isis (not that I impressive she exists but fairly, a symbol of aspects of divinity.

(From bottom finished to bottom label, deosil)

Tree - Ferret around element

Spike - Air element

Sun - Fantastic gods, femininity

Moon - Fantastic goddesses, femininity

Companion - Sea element

Key - Motivate element (I couldn't find a sword or cut charm, but this was the best radical. A key is also made-up in fire, and its heart-shape reminds me of blaze, a gift of Motivate)


I fixed the elements according to the tally of the elements (see rituals of the pentagram), and positioned the sun and moon on top of everything such as they standard the divine powers. The sun charm is gold for instance it's of the element Motivate, and Motivate is the single-handedly element which possesses light.

I am at this instant working on a cell phone crystal altar, but not until I get meditating on my getting bigger crystal flock

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