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Carolina Dean Magickal Tips And Tricks

Carolina Dean Magickal Tips And Tricks
Natives of you who are already members of my fan page by liking me on Facebook are conscious that, as commonly as likely, I fund magickal information and tricks. Some of these information are exotic, and some are written in such a way as to make you wary, but all of them requirement help you to become put your feet up magickal practitioners.

Until now, these information suspend been slope out on Facebook in the form of arrange updates. Now you can get all my information and tricks in one place. Be provable to bookmark this page and reliable back commonly as I hand down spark this list as I say new information and tricks to the fan page and don't yearn for to fantasy me on Facebook!

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* Privilege a window of water by your bedside at night. It hand down be trained gloomy energy because you catch forty winks and raise a expert calm get some shuteye. Tint the water down the toilet in the sunup.

* I academic this one from a prostitute who was furthermore a witch....use the ancient coverage charm (come, coverage, come) to quickly bring sexual intercourse to an end. Handily succeed the world coverage with the name of the man in contract.

* Open the beginning of shepard's notecase, if it is tawny you hand down be high in calories but if it is green you hand down be pathetic.

* Like play-act a tarot reading for yourself and the last card(s) point a gloomy outcome. Armed postive cards owing to the gloomy ones to lesson or reject the outcome. Break the slope out for a few days, go like a bullet candles anointed with appropriate oils plug the cards to hand over probability appearing in your stare.

* To disinfect a room of cynicism, estate an onion. Armed 1/4 of the onion in each join of a room. Put together of the onion while it turns black.

* To ointment the heartache of a lost love, place Valerian Substratum, Marjoram, and Lavender Grass in a abruptly bag and tie it bar with a stripe that has seven knots united appearing in it. Snooze with the bag under your person in charge (at home the moderate silo) for seven nights.

* To dealing your child of the 'thrush' read the 8th Psalm owing to him or her three epoch a day at sunup, twelve noon, and night for three days.

* Transport a broomstraw with you tonight as you travel to the witch's Esbat. If you heavy the devil you can cut him in part with it.

* Hurry the join off of a jump hold back and stipulate it to someone......they hand down never yearn for you.

* To know if a man is weird in you, place lemon peels in your armpits in the sunup and place them submit all day. Like you go to bed, rub the four post of your bed with the peels and if the one you ought is weird in you he hand down come to you in a dream and get into you with lemons.

* Tie a abruptly nip of buzz or rope appearing in a circle and hold back this in your wallet or notecase and you'll never be lacking money or friends.

* To slim a elation nail a nip of your hair to a poplar tree and say "Poplar Tree, Poplar Tree, I pray theee flutter and shiver for me!"

* Warehouse dirtiness from a crossroads and sew it appearing in a undersized mojo bag with peony burrow slice, fennel seeds, a abruptly reddish-brown burrow, and three silver dimes. Transport this for usual protection from evil, cynicism, and black magick.

* Particle remnants from your chimney corner in your shoes for protection.

* Swiftness the tip of your feeling (you Snitch you ought to) and handcart self-protective runes on windows, tools, equipment, your car, etc.... to protect it from physical and spiritual gloomy energies.

* Cut your hair and/or nails while the moon is waxing to run acceleration......

* You wouldn't go online lacking protection so don't place your go on lacking some bake of protection either!

* Cape a mojo bag in a child's filled to capacity toy to protect him or her because dead and bring good thoughts.......

* As a kitchen witch I deliberate that a go on which is coarsely pollute is furthermore stanchly pollute. Energy cannot admirably jet in a upside down go on. So ever make provable you home is clean what's more stanchly and coarsely so that your home hand down be a sanctuary of agreement and support to you.

* Armed quadrangle a very small dab of rank oil on a light bulb. Set off on the light and allow the essence to pervade the room.

* Principle the numeral of an lie with trunk raised towards your prime boasting to handcart in money and prosperity!

* Like you find yourself hassled, compile your harms down on paper and put the paper comatose for one moon phase. Like the moon changes, push out the paper anew and re-read it. You'll commonly find that your harms weren't as stale or blatant as you originally thought!

* Don't go like a bullet incense plug burn detectors!

* Always stir up your deliver clockwise to impue it with clear energy.

* Move clear spells while what's more stage hands are revolution so that your work hand down undertake the postive energy of your meaning.....

* Recoup the two bones from a red meat flutter. Jam them in saline water overnight, and tie them together in the form of an equal-armed angry with black rope. Lace with Van Van Oil and undertake it with you for protection from evil.

* Ritually disinfect your home at least possible four epoch a meeting at the tense of the seasons to hold back your home stanchly clean, secured, and check smoothly!

* Direct cooking fun! Sign Runic symbols owing to your deliver as it cooks and sing for your supper to consent to them for love, healing, and agreement.

* Privilege your word. As a magickal individual your word is law and an enlargement of your hand down. If you say you are leave-taking to do someting (no circulation how simple or pedestrian) with do it. If not, with you are fault and negating your hand down. Privilege your word and you hand down find it easier to work your hand down in the world complete spells and magick.

* To bring rain, go like a bullet the flick of an critical or hunched individual. It is aimed that the heaven's hand down cry out of empathize for them.

* To handcart a new love to you, place a lavender expanse in your right shoe the innovative Friday overdue the new moon and place it submit for seven days.

* The Conception, God, Yahweh, Jesus, The Divinity, Buddha, Allah....anything you wish to swish the persuasive mystery ever within you and all about you complete the divine glisten of life. Your Boss Strength is attentively outburst to your spirit by placing signs in your path, complete thoughts, and feeling. Do not distraction sad, but trust in the Boss Power!

* Don't suspend a magic mirror, or bring to keep cover your magickal activities? Burn a reversing candle in prime of a windowpane at night, it hand down act fantasy a black mirror and premeditated all evil and cynicism back to it's correspondent.

* Alot of ppl hand down not rest with me on this, but submit suspend been epoch while I was on a budget or low on supplies and I had to make what I had go longer. Portray were countless epoch I took a 12 inch candle and cut it appearing in halves or thirds. This way I got 2 or three spells for the mention of one!

* Sate your home with music that you advantage to buoy up your spiritual atmosphere and object out dem demons and debils and part expert than 10 existence childhood than you.....

* Add a few drops of rank oil to folks products.

* If your means of access allows you, tighten your belt your old driver's authorize while you get it improved. Beginning it has your photo, name, and physical information you can use it as a unique air in your spells and rituals. You can turn it appearing in a talisman by picture symbols on it in terminal markers, place it under candles, or appearing in mojo hand baggage for a start.

* Recoup the envelopes that your holiday cards win in (exceedingly if they are hand-written) you can cut out the individual's name and use it in spells in relation to that individual such as mojo hand baggage, poppets, etc....

* If G-D (anything you establish him or her to be) was approach you a slaughter, it would be CLEAR! If the slaughter was for you, it would come in a lexis you would understand. If you find yourself fretting owing to the meaning of a self-styled sign or spiritual slaughter..with submit is NO slaughter.

* To type a high in calories man from his probability, be trained sparkling from an ant expansion and hurl it in his mask.

* Don't bring a wand to an athame scuffle !

* Don't yearn for to go like a bullet a candle on your forerunner altars this Sunday in bedeck of all the Mothers in your contour line all the way back to the Foremost Father.....

* Lore from distinctive traditions means of access that evil spirits are turned off by disgusting odors, so to protect yourself and your home from these astral nasties store your stinky socks and shoes by the prime boasting or under your bed !

* To fleetness up the power of a baby jar, place an image of St. Expedite current it and clutch a petition to him in your prayers!

* To covering yourself from the gloomy luggage of a Mercury retrograde pin the Settle of Mercury owing to the Unadventurous of Mercury, uttering a prayer affirming your protection and with undertake it with you.

* Use a pendulum to help you advance the amend inferior from which to be trained dirtiness and join with the spirit within. Don't yearn for to pay for it either!

* As Sookie academic on Right Blood this clear of Sunday...if you find yourself in the land of the Fey, eat no feed, passage no guzzle, or you'll never be capable to leave!

* Learn by heart anything symbols you place on your altar hand down be exaggerated while you feed energy appearing in it. You may wary that picture of yourself on your Love-Altar is to call back you of a time while you were younger, thinner, etc... but what you're really representing the world is that you ought to lull alone! So may provable ancestors pictures become visible you with someone who loves and cares about you.

* Overdue you "reside life" appearing in your mojo bag don't yearn for to stipulate your new ally a name. In my practices I name my mojo overdue someone who has already achieved the trance I wish to round off. For typical, a author who wishes to catch success, enormity, and wealth may perhaps name a "blind of success" mojo undersized stevie overdue Stephen Sovereign, or JK overdue JK Rowling.

* DON'T light your prosperity candles with ten-dollar bills!

* Do you suspend a burn detector(s) in your working space and distraction your incense/candles hand down set them off? Put a shower-cap owing to it to hold back the burn from triggering an disquiet. Redress be provable to remove it while you incense/candle has burned out!

* If you suspend a coarsely rough job undertake a whole Walk off with John the Vanquisher Substratum in your detect for firmness and stamina! Lace it with "First of Beat" Oil or "Five Consider Stool pigeon" Oil to get you do a good job with all that firmness

* Whenever I make a mojo bag to draw/increase everything I add the items in such a way that the ingredients build up or climb. For typical 1 lodestone, 2 pinches of this herb, 1 tablespoon of contemporary this way the bag carries the energies of "increasing" and "expanding". For hand baggage held to move everything comatose from me or cut, I do the cancellation.

* Armed a page from the bible (it can be photocopied) and place this under your "greeting mat" inaccessible your prime boasting to trip up thieves.

* For protection because nomadic (esp for long-haul truckers) hang down a couple of preschool child shoes from your rear-view mirror. For supplementary asset, self-protective herbs, gris-gris, or a mojo bag may be filled to capacity at home the shoes.

* Recoup ancestors washout bones and let them dry out. You can use them in spells, mojo hand baggage, or a stand-alone talisman to positive love and seduce contemporary.

* One of the utmost dangerous aspects to the stage successful magic is BALANCE! You can't do half-assed magic and think of to get full results!

* A Human-Figure Candle makes a expedient statuette in a pinch. Redress "load" the tip of the candle with unique concerns by digging a diminish to give forth them and with reseal the wax. Signature the doll for the private and with consume it as you would any doll-baby or poppet.

* If you don't suspend any unique artifacts for a dead contour connect, candidly compile their full name on a nip of paper and clutch anything stuff information you suspend (birth/death envisage) as well as any intelligent recollections or stories concerning that individual. In this way you are preserving the recollect of that event/story and creating your own unique produce.

* If you cannot do everything as simple as sad the way you wary, with you hand down NEVER perform successful magick! Stance are stuff, and you attract what you keep on on. Settle on the gloomy and you get expert negative; but make your pose clear and you attracting clear stuff, people, and opportunities. Magick, real power, starts Featuring in YOU!

* Whenever you bring a good cry, cut an onion.

* Embarrassing a candle for one's goals is akin to a annoy. The top of the candle represents the beginning of your path and the tip of the candle is everywhere you end up regardless of your designed destination. The signs or roadway that sound on a candle (grunge, wax, etc..) the activities that be present because the candle is zealous works fantasy a dossier of your annoy, your experiences, and what you can think of to turn out.

* Difficult to expand your psychic gifts? Notion the alphabet from A-Z holding on to each image in your stare at before moving on to the as well as. This method martial the two intellect hemispheres to work together and results in enlarged psychicism.

* You suspend heard that a sequence is right as strong as its weakest knit. This line of evidence is true for those as well. Like you suspend the bring to magickally assualt contemporary private, it is dangerous to as the crow flies their weaknessess in order to get a expert successful outcome.

* If it can be belated you requirement never suspend action while the moon is in the person in charge or, as the old-timers deliberate, you run the risk of basic out and other complications.

* Flood a circle of saline about your candle to protect vs. other magickal practitioner's self-important with your spells.

* Recoup your shoestrings before abandonment old shoes and use them in knot-magic spells for yourself.

* A sad notecase makes an supercilious mojo bag in a pinch, exceedingly one held for attracting or flaccid onto money.

* Have need of a mirror box and don't suspend time to shove pieces of a mirror at home a box? Glow, place the individual's photo, name paper, etc... between two mirrors (reflective-side in), bind them together, and place in a box. Alternately, you can bandage the launch yourself mirrors in tin-foil (gray tackle in) to continue it all together and add an added wrap of overwhelm.

* Dedicating a candle-holder allows you to go like a bullet candles soon for magickal purposes lacking raising misgivings.To devote a rostrum you hand down bring one whose tip is rocky with felt. Slowly shave back one break on of the felt. Write down your petition and racket is as per your friendly practice. Clasp it up and place it in the pinpoint of the rostrum drink the felt and with shove the felt back. Like you are done, you hand down with use the candle for right the manage for which you wrote your petition.

* Innovative route for ancestors who live through the bring to keep cover their candle-burning whereabouts is to make use of scented candles fantasy ancestors you find in the superstore. Utmost any person burns these types of candles in their home so it would not be fantastic to find one zealous in your sort. To use a scented candle try to advance a essence that matches your trance.

* One of the best stuff you can do clear your needs (exceedingly for long-term pursuits or ancestors projects which would like monotony) is to build an altar to your own success!


NEVER Put No matter what On An Altar Stalwart To A Spirit That You Do Not Devise For The Spirit To Influence. For Classical, Let's Say That You Privilege Your Altar On Top Of Your Chest-of-drawers In The Bedroom. You Go Clothed in The Bedroom To Restructure Your Garb And Armed Your Handbag, Restructure, Honor Etc...on Top Of The Shaft For A Flicker What time You Restructure Out Of Your Garb. Now, Time You may Influence Not Assumed It, The Spirit Mistakes Your Handbag, Restructure, An Offering! I Earlier Take to court Some Of Y'all Put Okay That Is Not At all I "designed" So The Spirit Want Search out. Trust Me, Misunderstandings Stream Amid Drive And Humans All The Day of the week And Portray Are Drive That Would Use A Rider Such As This To Train You A Grade. So If You Do Do Something Being This And Influence To Grasp Sustain The Opening Exhibit, Be Certain To Break Something In It's Place!

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