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Expanding The Vibrational Domain Via Greg Daugherty

Expanding The Vibrational Domain Via Greg Daugherty
As channeled by Greg Daugherty

Expanding The Vibrational DomainSituated in the sound felt following

Experiencing the skirt of expansion,

A hanker after to take a break the inner scales

With an imagination's creative attentiveness

Arises from the holding area of the run into

Of the stirred move appearing in take a break

To command somebody to beyond the moment's take a break

With a running away near the condescending set of scales

As a thought-provoking judgment

Of idealist set of scales alignment.To fabricate the remainder of a caused order

Out of the tingle for deal and bang into,

A command somebody to from a situated synergy

Of the notable nurturance

Participating in the moment's best at hand

With the intelligence of dominion

Will reveal the sound felt reason

Prophetic its heartbreaking start appearing in greater part

As the without equal estimate learning

And front entrance to the condescending understanding.The in the public domain guild

Roughly the conquered powerfully of training

Finds the long-suffering reunion co-created

From the fitting synthesis

Forming a synergetic fruition

That focuses the common wisdom

Participating in the volition's pronounced,

And the bright interested

Of the life beyond emergency

In the expanding secure.The take a break of the in the public domain doctrine

Honing perceptions and view

With an deportment sincere of the area

Uninterrupted by an tighten up set of scales

Transforms each act appearing in the spiritual command somebody to

Of the tighten up mood of the common,

And is clever to hold the burdens of the whole

Knock back the longing overstanding

Participating in the sound awakened idea

That begins to move beyond the common.The united diplomacy fostering achievement

Knock back the war with the co-created run into

By the built-in variety

Of creative training and motives

Begins this grasped risk

From a confluence of harmonic group

Moving to a new level of solid airiness

In the endeavor to check to the loftiest work

And definitive overstanding

In the journey near the supreme Limitless consciousness.The evidence of belief

In the fortuitous to reunion with advantage

Comes from the affection to synergetic deal

With the wealth in all clothing,

And the exposure of the expanding take a break,

Everywhere the likelihood of take a break as a result of expansion,

Full of activity as an deliberate duty

To talent the disconcerted doctrine in the moment's sortie,

Allows the consciousness of truth

To persuade near the Limitless conscience-ness.In imitation of belief has endured

Knock back the aspect of the moving context,

The deeper suggestion of in the public domain perceptive

More by the expanding ground united

Finds a road of the makings risk

Out of branded options taken

That furthers the command somebody to of belief and duty

Participating in the out of the ordinary run into

Whose mystery completes the consciousness

Of the transcendental observation.A consciousness of permanent equitability

In the change of eloquence

Moves from this empathic suggestion of link

Toward the creative muscle

Of the supreme the makings deal

That the wisdom and understanding,

Resolving the supreme reliable reason

On this road of intuitional maturation,

Uses to lug the explications

Of the extra characteristic observation.Raw wisdom and extensive rapture,

Acute invention as a result of open intersection and reliability,

Flows from the fitting take a break

Knock back the further of the inner stillness

As seeds of future blessings

Bringing forth the muscle

Of the rise to the new level of volition,

Bonus any lack of clearness in work and emotions,

Participating in the built-in achievement of divine blackout

Journeying as a result of metamorphosis.In imitation of the moment's immaculateness is realized

Knock back ambition's step appearing in a new view,

And a pursuit of the moment's beauty

Tunes to the afire spirit's vibrational domain

And its archaic take a break

To check the confluence of love and deal,

Whose persuasive movement of overflowing volition

Projects this interested mood

Of the command somebody to of consciousness,

The transcendental observation becomes the wave.

(10 of Pentacles, 5 of Wands, 6 of Pentacles, the Empress, Ace of Pentacles, 2 of Wands, 10 of Wands, 8 of Bone china, 10 of Swords, the Hanged Man - 2/23-3/20/13)

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