Saturday, May 24, 2014

Magic Castle Magician

Magic Castle Magician
Those of you following me on Twitter, would have noticed that I've been talking about THE MAGIC CASTLE a lot lately. It's a private member's club in Hollywood, Los Angeles that has become a popular celebrity-hangout in the last few years. They have a restaurant (serving some incredible food!), five bars and three theatres. Everywhere you look, there is magic going on!

I was invited to perform my show in their close-up theatre during the past week. I performed a brand new show that I designed especially for the venue. The Magic Castle treat their magicians like stars and their guests visit the venue because they absolutely love magic. This is a brilliant combination and made the experience so much fun. I performed thirty shows in one week and would have quite happily performed another thirty! It really is the absolute best environment in the world to perform close-up magic and was an honour to perform there.

I can't wait to return. If you are ever in Los Angeles, and can get an invite, I would really recommend spending an evening at The Magic Castle.


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