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Beyond The Pylons A Tribute To Kenneth Grant

Beyond The Pylons A Tribute To Kenneth Grant
What went before the Pylons.

A admission to Kenneth Be the same

What went before the severe pylons

Of life's pad

an perpetually deep gong

reverberates my trouble

and throngs with eerie tune

the shadow-haunted place

anywhere decent itself lies dumb

and weaves its mantras out of space.

From "What went before the pylons"

Kenneth Be the same, Convolvulus

I am highly disconsolate to hear of the another brief of Kenneth Be the same on January 15th 2011. Even if I stand never met, accepted or even in black and white to him, I find myself engulfed with a wonderful distress that a man whose work has (and phantom suffer) to hand such perception, philosophy and wisdom is gone and stand been stirred to drawn from a keg a few words to possibly help others to tattle his work and wisdom.

We know very succinct about Kenneth Be the same, by all accounts he was an vehemently special man. I am possibly in good health in that whereas I stand never met Mr Be the same, I know, love and respect some of his friends; and know that tribe who do know him speak of him as a brand dressed man, a increase operate and a perpetual companion to his spouse Steffi. All this is supported by the a range of tribe impart the world who stand in black and white to him; to which he has in black and white back, adding up fertile perception and wit to his fans revelations and data.

One of my eternal regrets is that I did not drawn from a keg to him myself at any rate masses of outlook. I felt at the time that I did not entail to lewdness his most recent verve with my own occult ramblings; nonetheless now in distress I wish I could stand produced that cracked shade of secret correspond with. Not manifestly so as to major a aperture, but rather to stand objective sent him a note saying thank you for the philosophy he has exact.

Kenneth Be the same was one of the utmost notable occultists and magicians of the 20th century. As the criminal pupil of Aleister Crowley, Be the same all gone time with him in Netherwood. Crowley condition stand been anyhow frightened with Kenneth Be the same at the same time as in his autobiography he noted "Cost of Grant: if I die or go to U.S.A., near condition be a skilled man to stand neighborliness of the English O.T.O.". Give are nonetheless suggestions that expensive any involvement, near were disagreements in the midst of the two men; but never so fertile as to bring into being a permanent wear away in the midst of them. Principally Aleister Crowley ingenious Kenneth with the similarity of Lam and encouraged in him a fertile understanding of Thelema.

At the rear of Aleister Crowley's death we know from the untouchable Zos Speaks that the Grants were in London in very ordinary correspond with with the psychic performer Austin Osman Overload. From stage, through the 1960s to approximately the permit day Kenneth Be the same founded the Nu-Isis deposit and also created a cost of anyhow firm tomes on magic; excitingly the Typhonian Trilogies even as near are a cost of other profound and interesting books also in his constitution. It is interesting to study that a range of occultists, even relatives which stand been to some extent repellent to the politics about the OTO livestock a full classify of Grants books.

I don't really wish to sojourn of the politics in the midst of the mottled OTO's which stand manifested since Crowley. Give are; of course; sequential short-lived which embrace that name; possibly the utmost peak two are the Caliphate and the Typhonian OTO. I am not a addition of any occult organisation and am disconsolate that such wisdom as we stand intuitive from the in the past, reified through Be the same, Crowley and a range of others has become basely coloured with issues of copyright and untreated law, even more since near are a range of prophetic teachers in moreover OTO's. This is sad and possibly a pitch of our times anywhere Mammon convention and corporate intemperance whores the world. Extremely I wish that all tribe who study the secret ways can get on in song. Mutually we phantom all be reliable to do lightly cooked things.

In a range of ways I see moreover OTO's are incorporating converse aspects of Aleister Crowley's heritage. The Caliphate very further preserving the structure and the tradition of Crowley, preserving the work of a wonderful teacher (and for all his flaws, let us channel in the past them to what his writings teach) and propagating the law of Thelema. If the Caliphate can be whispered to be the structure, the Typhonian OTO symbolize Crowley's spirit, his energy and dynamic. The eternal questing part of Crowley; enflamed with the high priority starfire of Aiwas, opened vistas anew and set humanity on a new viewpoint of magickal knoll. This really is one of the sidereal stars which read between the lines Kenneth Grants work.

Kenneth Be the same carried this on and took us happening to new realms innocently. What went before the sequential OTO's near is a deeper OTO, that of the tip. Stage I rely on the true magical realities first come happening sympathy and the spirit and crux of the tear descends happening our tossing and turning. For this OTO, outward of sequential politics and manoeuvring, Kenneth Be the same was the true lead of the order, embodying the questing energy of Crowley, teaching us to not fear the pits and yet promote to new heights. Grant's Typhonian trilogies; works of unsullied magic in its utmost shut up shop sense; opened the way for so a range of tribe to multifaceted, magickal and mystical heights display that he really was an sequential ambassador to the inner planes; the true OHO of the OTO. No one besides has lingering the tear since Crowley absolutely expensive Be the same.

Give are a cost of themes with which Kenneth Grant's work is entire for and I sensation that they are topics which are easy to gaffe. I am not confirmed that I understand a range of of Kenneth's concepts but I would expensive to believe that I am at smallest going on for his go around with my be careful on his work.

I believe that one of the utmost entire (or illustrious) concepts bamboo happening the Typhonian trilogies is that of HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and his references to the dread Necronomicon. Let us start by saying that we know HP Lovecraft thought (or wrap from mythology) a range of of the names of entities in his stories. Cthulhu was complete up (or may be Kutulu, Sumerian "Man of the criminal world", Dagon is a Palestinian God). We also know as a fact from scanning the literature near are no references to the Necronomicon past to Lovecraft.

So far, this really does not sense. Kenneth Be the same (in "The Magical Revival") lists a cost of similarities in the midst of the Cthulhu mythos and concepts in the work of Crowley. In the rest of the trilogies he evokes the mythology of these concepts look up with their zenith possibly stirring in the stylish "Hecates fondly" anywhere Kenneth speaks of rituals to summon Cthulhu and compares Crowley's "Photocopy of the Law" with the Necronomicon.

This is salient speech and I am sure that Kenneth was conscious of the well-read history of Lovecraft's creations. All material myths, all material religions, all material spiritual practices start with a mystic contacting the deep. Possibly Lovecraft was an dazed mystic/psychic who could warning these things; also shied unconscious with untrained grisliness. Possibly Lovecraft complete them up. At the very smallest Be the same was reliable to recognise within walking distance mystical patterns in the Cthulhu mythos and set them impart his practice. All myths and religions started in a minute way; and absolutely absolutely and with genuine respect (to) Cthulhu is a real as any other mythological being; albeit one from our repressed darker sides

Perhaps we could understand this guess finished if we adventure a make-believe reporter who is creating a new serial dangerous for a new. They would use sure patterns, sure archetypes in their assembly which are actually manifested in real serial killers. As such our virtual serial dangerous is a symbol for the spirit of serial killings which underlies the fierceness in all the ones we converge (or hopefully not) in our world. So in a hear a make-believe Hannibal Lecter, due realised is as real as Jack the Ripper and under the regulate issue the Peter Sutcliffes and Fred Wests of this world.

From stage possibly we could ask why would one entail to converge night-side entities such as Cthulhu. I rely on that Mr Be the same has an falsely gained call for having the status of dark and that possibly this call is due to fluffy-bunny occultists not really understanding that the World (and by overhang ourselves) is calm of light and darkness. It is chief to strictly (and decisively) rummage around these energies for example whereas on one level they are out near and cheap, they are also within us and authority. Venerate Freud's data of the requirement to assimilate repressions; in a magickal hear this is why one faces the darkness, to bring it happening the light rebirthed as a fitting energy rather than left as a repressed dark time flop convulsion to zip. A lot of Grants work stage is really an sensitive see at the Theosophic establishment of the Citizen on the threshold; and immense occultists do not work with the dark-side to harm; bit rather to give a new lease of life their own darker repressions happening the light of a foolish self.

The tape make of occultism according to the Hermetic Regulate of the Fair Father is "Ipsissimis" which tactic "ones' self whole", one has healed and assimilated all ones fractures, all ones ended parts, all ones secret demons happening a increase having the status of in knowledge of their true (solid) phantom. This is finished sturdy, finished healing than meditating upon dolphins and unicorns and I sensation that to misapprehend "dark" as having the status of forbidding and demoralizing is to authentic miss the data in Kenneth Grants speech and actually his work shows him to be one of the sanest occultists out near.

Give is further finished stage which we could rummage around. For archetype Grants novella "Gamalial" shows how thriving he unspoken the occult establishment of Vampirism, not as poncy Eastern Europeans in a casing and a Bella Lugosi smirk, not even as starving ghosts such as Dion share explored in "The Demon Follower" (even as that is an profound aspect of this phenomena). Better-quality as a contract of energy of a deeper level which can lead to a take advantage of of sparkle, of life, of having the status of. Whichever Aleister Crowley and Austin Overload shade on Vampirism in their writing; Be the same jumps frankly in nonetheless and this is one of the sidereal strands which tie his writings together.

Kenneth Grants drink goes deeper that eldritch grisliness nonetheless and his work illuminates all sorts of glittering vistas. Positive stories are very Lovecraftian; others deeper and finished esoteric. The Visionary Quester and mystic Paul Weston immediately commented to me that near is an embryonic channel in the midst of the Egyptian Ruler (duly Ruler) Sobek-Noferu, Bram Stokers "Precious stone of the Seven Stars" and Grants own "The solar Lode". Give is a handle stage from ancient Typhonian practices (which even Dion Fortune oblique at in "Moon Air of mystery") through to modern grisliness as a manufacture and waterfall of occult data.

My favourite interpretation of "Precious stone of the Seven stars" is Whack Horrors "Blood from the Mummies Burial chamber". This is unadorned 1950s favor with the half-naked Valerie Leon as the (un)mummified and calm chief and anyhow sexy amount of Tera (aka Sobek-Noferu aka Sa're) ongoing through the centuries to with the exception of in modern types; a finished modern and occult stand on Stokers narrative, and one finished true to the sidereal heritage of Be the same and Overload. In my view it is the utmost Typhonian coating ever made; albeit a few less denouement (on an archaeological level) that other films of the story, but one can frankly place happening a arrive surveillance the coating anywhere the well-informed Kenneth Be the same ladder out of the shadows to TV show the sort (in fact he in the vicinity does in the childish volumes of his Trilogies). The lustre of the starry plough however; so treasured of Sobek-Noferu calm shines and SHE is constant with the gnosis.

I believe that Grants exchange of ideas with the nightside is that we condition not be nervous of it; nonetheless we require be think about with it. Jack Parsons was not nervous, but possibly not prophetic and his adventures deceased in tragedy and grisliness. Be the same expects perseverance but caution; not foolhardiness. We all stand a nightside which condition be explored, with wisdom. I summon up having the status of in good health quite to work the book open of Kenneth Grant's "The Ninth Pergola" to hear Michael Staley study in his tirade that "The practiced stands with his feet in hell and his lead in illusion". These are prophetic words indeed.

Grant's novels do collapse us happening frail eldritch ecstasy however; My favourite new is "Neighboring the Moist", and stage we requirement to understand that "opposed to" tactic "subsequently to" and actually not "nauseating to". "Neighboring the light" is bamboo through with hit from Kenneth Grant's own past; he mentions the peddler in Charing Cross way in London anywhere he purchased a kudos of Mephistopheles ; the fantastically peddler is mentioned in the real "Hecate's Source". Give are references to the (conceivably make-believe) Grimoire Grantino, make-believe personages from mottled eccentric tales such as Helen Vaughan and such a blurring of drink and truth that the levels tear. This is all to the good in that as it plants us all wondering what truth it. Perhaps the truth is that it is all fiction; all true. Perhaps our own lives are all drink, all truth. The borderline murkiness is anywhere the magician, the performer and the playwright all stand and it is eager that Be the same was all these and good informal in this twilight leaflet.

I am sure that I can go on increasingly. Kenneth Be the same lived an lightly cooked life and he was absolutely an lightly cooked man. Mike Magee immediately posted a picture of Kenneth Be the same jovial opportunely subsequently to a classify of esoteric tomes; this really is a blessed picture to see a man so bright with his life and grinning with such, well, friendliness. To see this framed in a room of esoteric books, some of which were in black and white by Kenneth objective adds the icing to the cake.

I am horrific not to stand active the outlook to stand in black and white to him and would love punch finished than for Starfire to stuff a book such as "Detection Kenneth Be the same" as a assortment of reminiscences from the tribe who knew and valued him. The world is a lessen place with his brief, nonetheless I am sure that he is calm out near somewhere, cheering our dreams and exploring outward the Circles of Time, perhaps giving out an print with Ruler Sobek-Noferu under the solar imperceptible of Nuit-Isis and the light of the Splendid Plough.

Kenneth Be the same, you are sorely missed. Thank you so further for all you stand done for the Magickal traditions and for charge bubbly things cost preserving, you and your work phantom never be previous.

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