Monday, October 21, 2013

Truth About Feng Shui And Religion

Truth About Feng Shui And Religion
Is feng shui a religion? You break down believe so depending on what kind of feng shui book you are reading. Feng shui comes from Figurines somewhere the maximum celebrated spiritual practice is Buddhism.

Feng shui is not a Buddhist practice. One Buddhists practice feng shui and some don't. Such as feng shui was introduced to America, it was several from its exemplary form to what is known as Western or New Age feng shui.

They prepared it easy and fun so we would try it. American pop culture loves fun, easy special effects. Positive Buddhas, fate kitties, lucky gods, lucky frogs, love symbols, wealth corners, and lucky natural fiber flora are fun.

Today, businesses are even marketing products as having "good feng shui". My grocery store sells natural fiber flora with signs on them that read "lucky natural fiber".

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