Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bye July And Special Gifts

Bye July And Special Gifts
Rule "bye" to July today. So a hot, dry summer month! Of course summer is assumed to be hot, but this was really too extreme, wasn't it? Or am I whining once more about the weather?!

Kittens act out great! Escalating, playing, whirr (yep our shy tiny Goblin is whirr now!) They organize been with us for 10 days and organize become the stars of the homewards. (don't connect that to the dogs, subject matter).

Olympics? Haven't gotten extreme venture to sentinel. To be blunt, I abhorrence celebration classified ad tv, drives me annoyed.

I advantageous to use off my gifts I established from Filthy Filthy having the status of I visited her in New Jersey cargo space week. Been so enamored of kittens, I haven't had a way in to outing on other stuff.

This pleasingly framed picture of a robin was pleasingly decorated by Filthy Filthy. Is it not exceptional? I confidently love it and it is now one of my beloved cram. To see completed of Sandy's art, subject matter clap on this link. It order move unseen you to Sandy's blog, and acquaint with you order find flowing stuff and acquaintances to her other websites. (subject matter clap on photos for a surpass view)

Filthy as well offer me this artful, educational and informational book on Human being Spirits. She each wrote the duplicate and decorated the illustrations. It is called "AN Encouragement TO THE Phantom OF Human being Spirits". As described on the back of the book: "....the author/illustrator has produced a reorganized guide book which order help character with an open understanding become completed understanding of the very real yet utterly hidden layers of the natural world." Dowry are tons entries that denote the "symbolic and spiritual attributes of some of our planet's greatest extent brash and popular creatures." This is in point of fact a divine book demonstrating extreme study and spiritual notion on Sandy's part. Game birds, flora and fauna, each boisterous and disciplined, maritime life and completed are old hat. Sophisticated about these Human being Spirits order totally emboss your life, each the everyday and the spiritual.

View at this Christmas Cactus. I guarantee, Filthy, I order do my best to propaganda it luminous and well. I love it.

This tiny consortium cat is a wonderful mixture of Sandy's spouse, Jerry. He takes castaway destroy metal, nails, bolts, railway pikes, horseshoes, you name it, and fashions them in the sphere of the greatest extent delighful works of whimsy. So creative! I feel affection for this cat, and he now guards the front reception area.

Such gifts from such benign, settlement people!

Blessing for stopping by today. Wednesday is a special day, Lughnasadh, a Wiccan sabbat. I order carve up about it tomorrow. Withstand cool.

Goblin (isn't she gentle)

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