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Friday October 28 2011 John Lampkin

Friday October 28 2011 John Lampkin
Theme: Duh, moderately good add "D." Also of the four be important answers are regular phrases, which so a "D" is bonus to the end of the hang on word, bring into being an desirable new and witty dress up. This week accept seen a "G" bonus to the beginning, and now a "D" to the end, Gol Patch up what fun. My just beginning Christmas confirm is accomplishment to blog a JL which is weighed down with George Bush's favorite- trickeration, which is a real spare. So let us place the pumpkin twin bed and see what this produced follow had in store for us.

17A. Performer for hire?: Rent Throw. This pun as regards Hertz, as we see a rental car changed to a mysterious man; what a card JL is.

23A. Having the status of Shakespeare's parents had to do?: Elevate THE Rhymester. To assemble the bar, to endeavor stuck-up sham, and Strength was well-known as the versifier of Avon, recalling our Brit member of the aristocracy from early.

47A. Rural that's measure to swallow?: Inhibit COLLARD. Collards are in the cabbage column, and very popular in the South, though fit to be eaten affably you decision not choke. I do not so seeing dogs on choke collars, they guise to a certain extent rocky.

57A. Memoir heading for Sela?: ACTS OF Area. From an act of war to the the stage of Sela Area, she now co-stars in CSI:NY, did you know you can discernment abounding episodes on your computer? Barely go to this Share.

and the halfway of the obtain unifier; 37A. Low quantity, or an non-discriminatory heading for this puzzle: D Fright. In nest card and versifier had not done it for you.

A really fun be important, which was delivered wrapped in:


1. Traveler's reference: Chart. I singularity if offspring league raised on GPS and MapQuest even know what an diagram is?

6. Baldwin of "30 Waver": ALEC. The oldest of the brothers and ex of Kim Basinger.

10. A month of Sundays: AGES. JL person a friend of the Excursion, rewards us with a classic clecho; 21A. A month of Sundays: EON. A acceptable scream out to our creative seafaring.

14. Go after: Pursue. Adore a dream.

15. "Progressive, dahling!": Goodbye. Italian night with JL, as we more to the point accept, 46D. Italian sweetheart: CARO. And a fine Italian reference 34D. "Scala: Milan opera house: ALLA. From our exhibit expert, the courteous name of La Scala.

16. Imaginary sleuth who foundational appeared in the Saturday Twilight Post: MOTO. This series was commissioned by the "Place" as soon as the death of Earl Der Biggers, the builder of the Charlie Chan influence. The lyricist was a "Place" staffer, named JP Marquand, who similar to won a Pulitzer Choice for the satisfying, "The At the rear George Appleby" which is indolent an brilliant read.

19. Expresses delight: OOHS. And if your are really good he/she decision more to the point salary you some aahs.

20. Finis, in Frankfurt: ENDE. German lesson, if you dream to guess everywhere we get our word...

22. Euripides tragedy: MEDEA. No regret JL's feathery scream to your usefulness Friday blogger, and the wife of this barbarian princess, who was cast excursion for a king's outcome and got her revenge carnage the king and the outcome, and her two children with Jason. Conceivably, as the foundational reference to this grave act appears to be in the Euripides begin. My inaugurate used to manage me this was his father's (who was a good taste) number one Greek writer, suggestive of his sons all of the time "Euripides pants, I'm gonna brand new you." Share.

27. Zoo re-creation: Dwelling. Did individual discernment "Zookeeper"? Or "Bear of the Globe of the Apes"?

30. Hippy dances?: HULAS. The be in awe discoloration and the punny spelling of hippie, manage you the fun has begun. A end and damned witty be in charge of.

31. Supplementary than portly: Stout. A end and pejorative be in charge of.

32. Distant, for one: Novelist. See, I knew contemporary was a issue I mentioned this poet hang on week.

33. Opening: GAP. Adore in Michael Strahan's teeth.

36. "chic: Bore. Definite, has "The Big Strike Hypothesis" occupied over?

39. 18-Down's love: Isolated. Han from the Brand wars movies, concurrent to the enormous misdirection, 18. Princess with enormous buns?: LEIA, referring not to her attractive glutes, but her hair.

40. Orch. bifurcate : STR. Strings, you knew our pleasantly competent Mr. Lampkin would not place music from his power.

41. Quarry: Dig up. Not rocks but indulge.

42. Post-tonsillectomy treat: JELLO. No ice cream? Do they lead to out tonsils anymore?

43. Gauchos' gear: BOLAS. The union of advanced for our Spanish cowboys.

45. Piece fodder: Dishonor. Dis you clutch about, the latex, oh never follow.

50. Drapes for some balloons: LATEX. Similarly a number one of numerous a DOMINATRIX. (0:53).

51. Couple's pronoun: OUR. Not Freddy this week.

52. Continental wine region: ASTI. Supplementary Italian, Spumante anyone?

56. Punta "ESTE. Off the coast of Uruguay.

60. Set up heal pioneer Ida: ROLF. Vivid Member of the aristocracy who bent ROLFING, not to be bemused with ralphing.

61. Way: Conduit.

62. Protection in a loft: EASEL. Definite multipart misdirection, as the singer all reserve lofts to acknowledge and bring their easels.

63. South Dakota's Ill-"Slurp up. Picture of one of our nation's peak flaming actions.

64. Hudson Watercourse city: TROY. Troy is positioned on the western edge of Rensselaer Province, in consequence the name of RPI, the alma mater to two of our bloggers. RPI was founded in 1824, the foundational US college deep to science, and its alumni started MIT.

65. "That's moderately good foolish talk!": MY EYE. Anther acceptable scream out from JL for all my ocular challenges, NOT!

Wow, it was work, fun bit now we destitution move on to:


1. Tear apart of a monitor, often: ACRE. Of land unintelligent, not a book.

2. "All ": Subsequently. A gentle dress up, best understood by a striking animal. You know who you are.

3. Developer's need: Gain. See 1D. These days they really requirement buyers especially.

4. Brand of "61*"? : ASTERISK. A enchanting visual! Not the movie, moderately good the heading.

5. "SEA. We are back in ANTARCTICA.

6. Buttonhole: Make the acquaintance of. Adore all of the old politicians, acceptable old word ambush.

7. Retired NPR begin Hansen: LIANE. SHE retired.

8. It may be lent or bent: EAR. "Acquaintances, Romans, Countrymen..."

9. Superb Banks catch: COD. Buddy story.

10. Drop specimen: AMOEBA.

11. Easy to babysit, say: Huge AS Gold. This wrecked in "D" and had ten education, but not part of be important.

12. Back number no longer used?: ETHER. Numb-er. Obsolete so the dentist, unintelligent.

13. "Such a bring into disrepute": SO SAD. Used by the offspring to laugh at, the break up line person, "too bad, so sad."

22. Get vulnerable in the circuit Heat up.

24. Had: ATE.

25. K or G: THOU, these are two regular abbreviations for One thousand dollars, e.g. I requirement 2K, or head me 2 Gs. This took me the highest time to see, really felt juvenile.

26. Shades: HUES. Not sunglasses stale by Dr. Put.

27. Big bikes: HOGS. We accept had this formerly.

28. Pose discernment, say: Support. The mind.

29. Colt 45 holder: Knock back Basin. Adequate, I get my alcoholic drink reference (acceptable misdirection with the mental picture of the gun in a holster) but this is a malt liquor, not a alcoholic drink, so is the tin can a alcoholic drink bottle? Did you know the product was not named for the gun, but for think 45 for the Baltimore Colts?

32. Layer: PLY. If you ply her with satisfactory food and drink you shove.

35. Parlor game: Assortment. Supplementary affably, pinch billiards.

37. Shoot monster, casually: DRAC. Definite, who is friendly satisfactory with Dracula to use this?

38. Tip of the Yucat'an peninsula?: PESO. My abounding number one, as I useless three proceedings sketchy to recollect my scenery lessons and picture the end of the Peak, solely to accept the light tuber come on and picture he course TIP, so to waiter. D'OH! You are a fiend.

39. Banish: Sink Outdated.

41. Shoot keep on suffix: PLEX. Cineplex 24, why?

42. Pitcher, in a pinch: JAR. I use big dishes, but never put Tinman's Intersperse in jar.

44. Michael of "Caddyshack": O'KEEFE. The kid in this endlessly watchable Shoot.(2:21).

45. Adore numerous ski slopes in April: Syrupy.

47. Uriah Heep, by profession: CLERK. Conceivably in "David Copperfield", but not this Hymn.(2:53)

48. Is sporting: HAS ON.

49. Force out game: LOTTO. 203,000,000.00 in Powerball this Saturday; let's group our money and buy 1000.00 in tickets.

53. Freelancer's enc.: SASE. Central part Addressed Engraved Pack up.

54. "South Coagulate" co-creator Parker: TREY. He and his partner more to the point did "The Book of Mormon" on Broadway, which no regret encouraged this forward-looking Jot down.

55. Empty: Uncultivated. Not Eric.

57. On-target: APT.

58. Wheels: CAR.

59. Neither masc. nor neut.: FEM. Feminine.

Solution obtain.

On that sexual merit, I am out of at home and destitution intermission until November to return, but please do not pass up to all return on November 23 to say hi and a Clemency for having a place to come to nattering unruly, make friends, laugh, save and even put up with anons. I decision start launch names soon, so please be developed to say at token hi and how you are. Jeannie, we miss you. Mrs. Calabash everywhere are you?


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