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The Holy Apostles Of The Seventy Silas Silvanus Crescens Epenetus And Andronicus

The Holy Apostles Of The Seventy Silas Silvanus Crescens Epenetus And Andronicus


The Holy Apostles of the Seventy Silas, Silvanus, Crescens, Epenetus and Andronicus were disciples of the Salvation.

St Silas was a respected vision in the out of the ordinary Clerical at Jerusalem, one of the "prime men between the brethren" (Acts 15:22). The Committee of the Apostles was convened at Jerusalem in the rendezvous 51 to enter into with the sample of whether Gentile Christian converts requisite be strap to observe the Tableau Law. The Apostles sent a contact with Paul and Barnabas to the Christians of Antioch, kind the intelligence of the Committee that Christians of Gentile origin did not hold back to observe the prescriptions of the Tableau Law. Allay, they were told that they destitution alter from membership of foods helpful to idols, from bits and pieces strangled and from blood, to alter from fornication (Acts 15:20-29). As one with Sts Paul and Barnabas, the Committee of the Apostles sent Sts Silas and Jude to explain the contact in best quality enumerate, having the status of they moreover were laden with the style of the Holy Move on. St Jude was end sent back to Jerusalem, but St Silas remained at Antioch and readily assisted St Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, on his supporter journeys preaching the Gospel. They visited Syria, Cilicia, Macedonia.

In the municipality of Philippi they were accused of provocative unrest between the populace, and for this they were arrested, vanquished with rods, and subsequently puzzled during jail. At midnight, what the saints were at prayer, quickly here was a strong tremble, their chains fell off from them and the doors of the jail opened. The jail adhere to, assume that the prisoners had fled, acceptable to close himself, but was packed up by the Apostle Paul. Then, he fell down wobble at the feet of the saints, and with good name unchallenged their preaching about Christ. He subsequently led them out of the jail and took them to his own home, wherever he washed their wounds, and was baptized together with all his mansion.

From Philippi Sts Paul and Silas proceeded on to the cities of Amphipolis, Apollonia and Thessalonica. In each municipality they finished new converts to Christ and built up the Clerical.

At Corinth the holy Apostle Silas was holy as bishop, and worked different miracles and signs, and here he out of his life.

The Holy Apostle Silvanus preached the Sigh of God together with the prime Apostles Peter and Paul. In his Youthful Letter, the holy Apostle Peter makes hand over of him: "By Silvanus, a blockade brother to you, as I impressive, I hold back on paper briefly..." (1 Peter 5:12). St Silvanus was finished bishop at Thessalonica and died here a subject, having undergone different sorrows and misfortunes for the Lord's sake.

The Holy Apostle Crescens is mentioned by the holy Apostle Paul (2 Tim. 4:10), saying that Crescens had gone preaching to Galatia. He was finished bishop here, and afterwards he preached the Sigh of God in Gaul (modern-day France). In the municipality of Vienna (modern Austria) the holy Apostle Crescens established his beginner Zacharias as bishop. Having returned to Galatia, he died as a subject under the king Trajan (98-117).

The Holy Apostle Epenetus was finished bishop at Carthage. In his Letter to the Romans, the holy Apostle Paul writes: "Embrace my handy Epenetus, who is the firstfruits of Achaia unto Christ" (Rom. 16:5).

The Apostle Andronicus is mentioned by St Paul: "Ordeal Andronicus and Junia, my kinsmen,... who are of greatest between the Apostles, who overly were in Christ, before me" (Rom. 16:7). The holy Apostle Andronicus was bishop in Pannonia (modern-day Hungary).

Sts Andronicus and Junia are overly commemorated on May 17.


O holy apostle,

Beg the lenient God,

To keep our souls reprieve of transgressions.


You were disciples of the Lady, O Silas and Silvanus:

Two vines in His estate, weak a unhealthy gather.

You poured out for us the wine of emancipation that makes game the hearts of the blockade,

And brings them to spot your diversity suggestion.

Give rise to for us the remission of our sins and transgressions!


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