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Folk Lore

Folk Lore


Folk Lore

Opals - the "old wives untruth" dates emphatically to the after 1800's to a all the rage book in Victorian England wherein the heroine purchases a cursed opal and innovative commits suicide. Dash something off folklore says someone not born in October (Birthstone is opal),
trying it has bad luck. Opals are very wispy and thinker to dump and engrave easily.

Sapphires - Are thought to commonplace if your fan is false on your and are additional intense in color later unmodified by your true love.

Rubies - Consistently interrelated with "Christ's Blood" folklore. Possibly useless for Pagans :)

Aquamarines - Supposed to be ended from Sea water by Fairies. Tough for good luck by sailors.

Delightfully, in the rear scouring my bookcase, I found all my gemstone commentary from my jewelry days. I'm rank hand over due to a huge turn off of desires.

Alexandrite - Allegedly discovered on the coronation day of Alexander II. A very expensive and special stone, it changes color with sundry light sources, most representative regulate can be seen under black light as it goes from a purple-gray to a light green. Supposed to bring good chance appearing in the day, and increase amorous pose at night.

Amber - Greek falsehood holds that two sisters by all means their brother, a Greek god, to wing in a chariot track that proved arduous. As reprimand they were turned to grass and amber is their moan, veteran by the sun. Thought to bring psychoanalysis to build up throats, and stack the wearer from anyone cynical.

Blue - Greeks intended drinking out of a cup with amethysts on it would verification you from being paid high. Besides thought to protect you from overeating. Recycled to embody protection of the family, as well as humility and intensity. It protects the wearer from meeting and lies, prevents baldness, and keeps departure nightmares.

Aquamarines - Greeks touch it was ended from sea water and water nymph moan.
Sailors cool them to verification the seas silent appearing in whereabouts. Romans touch aquamarines aided in solid wars, and carved frogs out of the stone, believing the talisman would make their enemies friends. Christian myth has it that it gives you power obsolete the devil, and if you put the stone in your mouth, you cannot be lied to. Supposed to verification marriage glowing, and if you break up with your buddy, apparition help to become calm you. Recycled to be put in a double bed to verification babies organization.

Citrine - Protects the bearer from go on at, bad skin, and wards of snakes.

Coral - Egyptians intended it warded off the "Ghastly Eye", and was (snicker snicker :) cool men organization from tumbling to the ways of witches, and women free from the troubles of warlocks. (Oh My! Hope my SO doesn't shot about this... Oh.. I forgot - he's Wiccan too. Add sugar to perplex out my coral jewels with.) Romans ended their children wear coral necklaces to verification them organization from evil. Supposed to aid women inadequate to get having a baby.

Emeralds - Christian myth says that later Lucifer was cast from illusion an wet behind the ears crush from his beat and was innovative carved modish the Lovely Grail. (Which makes me contest what Druid tradition offer are about it.) Supposed to aid concept, residents with eye problems were advised to view modish emeralds to rest their vision and skill concept. Supposed to skill shock absorber and turn aside diabetes. If cool under a bolster, you would dream about the significantly. Makes the wearer additional undiluted

Claret - In my initial post, I thought that Deep red was in general interrelated with
"Christ's Blood" tradition, but I was harm :O Its the red wine-colored that is interrelated with them, starting its brownish hue makes it think to the same extent dried out blood.
Hebrew tradition thought Aaron's chain mail was ended from garnets and the Koran says that garnets are recycled to explain the Forth Illusion. Claret was intended to let travelers at night see and quarter off nightmares and poison.

Immature - Recycled by religions all obsolete the world for statue holier-than-thou statues and facts, and say items to the same extent knives were carved from it by pagans. (My commentary don't say which pagans or sects.) Bearer is proficient with level intelligence and ache life.

Opal - The story about opals that gave it the bad rep is Sir Walter Scott's
"Ann of Geirstein" everywhere the heroine buys a cursed opal and innovative dies. Before that, decent women recycled to buy the opal starting it was intended to verification their hair from being paid dark. Besides intended to allow the wearer to be slight.
Peridot - Supposed to quarter off evil, terrors of the night, and bad dreams. The best way to quarter off evil even as, was to move forward peridot on the hair of a mule and wear it on your apt chafe. Supposed to psychoanalysis sinus infections.

Deep red - (Genuine a mark dispatch, a Deep red is a red cerulean. Sapphires come in all colors.) Supposed to be magical if devout. In India it was intended that offer devout rubies to Krishna guaranteed the troop to be reincarnated as an ruler. Rubies should perpetually be well-regarded later seen, in the same way as it was intended that if you overlooked a claret, it straight in color. Russians intended it cured diseases of the blood.

Cobalt - Heading is that the Ten commandments were engraved on Cobalt.
Trendy a cerulean acted as an antidote opposed to poisoning and if rubbed on a gouge would delete drain away. If unmodified to a buddy it would commonplace if you were ever false. If a insult troop wore it, it wouldn't control and would dump.

Spinel - It was recycled in the 18th century to find out if someone had
"all-important" powers. If you avenue a witch with it, she would start to quake - thereby recognition her.

Topaz - Egyptians touch they were ended by Ra the sun god. St. Hidegard correct putting topaz in wine and with drinking the wine to psychoanalysis eye problems.

Zircon - protects travelers from harm and stops wounds from being paid adulterated.
Gave wisdom in profitable matters to make you better-off. If you desired to key a spell cast on you, you were to get to cash, with rub the zircon on the top of the cash and eat it.

Oh my! Such as a shot in the arm. Although its been a attach of lifetime starting I worked with jewelry, I had times of yore most of the myths :) I find most of them to a great extent additional spoof than I did a few lifetime ago, near I became pagan :)


Short Make up Agate - Fortune-teller, peacful energy
Moss Agate - Recovery, riches, discharge, longevity, friends
Blue - Dreams, overcomming, indulgences, healing, psychic powers,
rotection, grind, fiery love, success
Aventurine - healing, buy, cultivating, luck, intellegence, eye eyesore, money Azurite - psychic powers, dreams, divination, healing, meditation
Bloodstone - stops drain away, take-over, wealth, aggressiveness, assertion Carnelian - cures competition, anger, healing, protection, sexual energy Citrine - Protection, psychic intelligence, originality, dispells nightmares Hermatite - healing, training, divination, dip [hematite?]
Jasper - Recovery, health, beauty, protection
Lapis Lazuli - Recovery, love, fidelity, psychic powers, protection, grind,
Moonstone - love, psychic powers, divination, less significant, moon magic, nap, dreams,
Onyx - protection, blocking magic, helps head passions and emotions Rhodochrosite - energy, love, buy
Sodalite - buy, meditatiion, wisdom, healing
Sugilite - psychic powers, spirituality, healing wisdom
Tigereye - money, protection, grind, luck, divination, earth energy Tourquoise - Luck, protection, grind, money, love, friends, healing

Straightforward quartz - Magnifies psychic and healing energy, a power and protection
Smokey quartz - Overcomes impress, fatique, good for training empowering Rose quartz - Partiality energy, cultivating, discharge
Rutilated quartz - energy stone, magical

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