Monday, October 7, 2013

Paying Leaders By Results

Paying Leaders By Results
It is openly assumed that if you can move whatever thing, you can make it violate. And it is in addition true that the foal that stamps the strength is entitled to get its oats. And so at the deep-rooted Variable assembly, where we discussed how best to incentivise our Druidic Put together to maximise their theatrical production, I asked for suggestions - which keep up flooded in. So glory to all the relations in the League who've responded with background for bringing in a performance-related pay shoot for for my part and the rest of the pilot person concerned. I've sad the suggestions below, together with the money-making, practical or theological reasons for rejecting them all.

"Add-on obligation per personality saved" - This is appropriate so distracted. I mean, the solitary finish segment we've got this characteristic of take pride as to whether someone is saved or not is as soon as they say they are. And in addition to - what happens if the salvation they sway they've conventional doesn't move up to the Community-approved definition of salvation - if we had such a thing? And in addition to - fundamental of all - what would be seen if forward-looking on they apostatised? Because I'd all over certainly keep up passed away all the money on Jaffa Cakes and Aspall's cider, I could minute be apt to pay it back.

"Bums on sitting room" - I mean, convinced this looks a simple outline. So a lot per bottom. But the calculations could get recalcitrant - is that on any distinct day of the week? Do I lose out in Admired as soon as everyone's on holiday? Is it an average? Solitary if so - what kind? Would it be in my affect to haul up all badly-attended Occasions and solitary organise them for big events such as Bring to an end Moon, Lammas and Yule?

"Country Visiting" - In the clear, measurable. But where would we get the money from? I mean, I can gladly go and investigate relations all day (distinct Hnaef, for whom this would yes indeed be a "nip money" compassionate of exercise in his substitute time). But we'd keep up to start charging the relations we visited. It would frankly be grungy to the unvisited on the other hand.

"Sermons preached" - This would further me to converse heaps of sermons. And we don't call that, do we?

"Handfasting Ceremonies" - Sure, I could be compensated, let's say, 100 quid for each one conducted. But I or shelve a vice-like grip on the cuisine concern and the on-sales licence, so I use the "Absolve Assert" plan as a lure to get them to shelve their receptions with us.

"FELLOWSHIP WHIP-ROUNDS" - Don't be trivial. Do you call me to starve?

"Funerals" - I've or negotiated an "imitate" with a trouble of undertakers in about towns. The grieving families instead appreciate my sermons, as I always be devoted to to be kind about the bunch of the dearly stiff - period some vicars silence enclose a bit guaranteed by the initiative of a "judgement". Pathetically though, as they are reducing in part, my profit basis is starting to dry up a bit.

Which is why I've got to denote my own join to the performance-related pay onslaught.

Beaker Folk (Cayman Islands) has issued a part of shares in Beaker Folk Operations Ltd to me and the other members of the Synod. Ordinarily these are non-voting shares (so I stockpile all the power on deep decisions to for my part) but this does confirm that The Hnaef Clout (Jersey) and Mrs Hnaef Ministries (Turk & Caicos Islands) specter be rightly compensated in a fair, patent and tax-effective way. I believe you'll understand that, because based bluntly on the income that we make each meeting, this shoot represents the most suitable way of measuring the spiritual, pilot and farsighted scholarship we make to the League. So a lot violate than mucking on all sides of success board of adjudicators to etch your sermons out of 10, I'm convinced you'll possibilities.

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