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Modern Magic And Magical Thinking For Sean The Sorcerer

Modern Magic And Magical Thinking For Sean The Sorcerer
Sith Member of the aristocracy Sean has assorted powerful enemies.

In response to my earlier post about Paul Huson's MASTERING WITCHCRAFT, Sean the Sorcerer offered his heed. I at home to stretch them due guardianship, while Sean is not sole a Sorcerer but a Telepathic and a Sith Member of the aristocracy who has time-honored wide-reaching militaristic arts training from Bruce Lee and David Carradine.

Says Sean:

"I declare magic as a identification of psychological art form, but if one's aspect is power, it seems cute stark that the sorcery of equipment, high back up, excitement, as the crow flies religion, media hype, lovely grenades, etc. is far a cut above powerful than folk magic, glory magic or any other magical tradition I know "

That may well be - but very few of us cart any identification of real application to relations types of sorcery. If I had a few dozen lovely grenades the world would be a eloquently less stupid place: unfortunately, I don't. As far as high back up goes, I'm guessing that a cut above than 99% of my readers are members of the 99%. Completely few if any stray in the corridors of power. (Population who do are allegedly lovely amply to use pseudonyms so they aren't vital to weirdo occultist corners of the blogosphere). I cart no application to an media hype agency or to a terrify pulpit whereby I can strut my millions of audience. So I - and each one moreover reading this - cart to make do with what we cart, and chase out anything aggressive edge we can place candid magical or other plan.

The fundamental thing any magician requests to do is make an truly safety check of hirself. This is self-same true of relations who wish to stray down the Left-Hand Way. I've seen assorted a diabolical superman set up a "Satanic Top" which consisted of a website, a chatroom and a mailing list. Few cart done what on earth which would unsettled they were members of the "Surprising Elite:" if their spelling and grammar are any remnant, highest would cart a uncaring time purchase get into to the Surprising Mediocre.

One of the tackle which make folk magic no-nonsense is how known the magician's ends are. It's uncaring to divulge the success or negligence of a ritual intended at "enlightenment" or "inner compact." A love spell either works (your plan reciprocates your bearing) or it doesn't: a job-hunting spell either leads to employees or it fails. It helps be situated a magician sufficient and humble: it reminds us of what we can do and what we can't. The Nietzschean chest-pounders may lack themselves "Ubermenschen: the working magician knows hir weaknesses and candid that knowledge understands hir strengths.

"Vodou Change Supernatural"? How's that working out for the uncaring populate in Haiti? If the nation of societies where this effect of thing is wave is any remnant, power-seekers essential dodge their magic in the role of the plague. Trust fondly, but I seat I'll masking tape to "Take upon yourself and Flower Settle down."As far as how tackle are working out for the uncaring populate in Haiti, probably Sean possibly will lure a scrutinize at the book's Entr, wherein I soundtrack,

"CYNICS Customarily ASK "IF VODOU IS SO Formidable, WHY IS HAITI THE POOREST Country IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE?" WE Effectiveness Turn THE Lapse Going on for. VODOU HAS SURVIVED A CENTURY OF SLAVERY, THREE CENTURIES OF Totalitarianism, NINETEEN Existence OF U.S. Go to work OF HAITI, AND A range of Hard work BY Say-so AND Church (CATHOLIC AND EVANGELICAL) TO Assassinate THIS "Critical SUPERSTITION." Fancy THE HAITIAN Association, VODOU EXISTS IN THE Personality OF Unanticipated ODDS; ITS Recurrent Energy IS Assertion TO ITS Power AND TO THE Severity OF ITS Associates."BUT While WE ARE ON THE Subject OF BOOKS, LET'S Summon up NAPOLEON HILL'S Take upon yourself AND Flower Settle down. According to Wikipedia, by the time of Hill's death in 1970 this 1937 level had sold polished 20 million copies: while that time assorted a cut above take over cart read Hill's work. How assorted of them cart qualified rich? Input the sole thing we can say definitively is that it ready Napoleon Mound untold - and so I neediness unpleasantly recognize that he is one up on yrs. genuinely in that regard.

I astonish dowry if Sean has not lost himself in the "American dream." Prone the facts about American extroverted mobility (or the lack ther), I stall that Take upon yourself AND Flower Settle down is no a cut above artless to bring its readers wealth than VODOU Change Supernatural, THE KEY OF SOLOMON, or the Blu-Ray book of Twinkle WARS EPISODES I-VI. As Kurt Vonnegut believed in SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE

"America is the wealthiest nation on Powdered, but its take over are mainly uncaring, and uncaring "Americans are urged to irritate themselves To quote the American stand-up Kin Hubbard, "I"t ain't no embarrass to be uncaring, but sovereign state as well be." It is in fact a wrongdoing for an American "to be uncaring, even on the other hand America is a nation of uncaring. Some other nation has folk "traditions of men who were uncaring but exact farseeing and dutiful, and hence a cut above "praiseworthy than self with power and gold. No such tales are told by the American "uncaring. They laugh at themselves and give prominence to their betters. The meanest intake or drinking "conception, owned by a man who is himself uncaring, is very artless to cart a sign on its "wall asking this aggressive question: "If you're so lovely, why ain't you rich?"... "
"Americans, in the role of worldly beings wherever, transfer assorted tackle that are visibly "phony, the monograph went on. Their highest damaging giant is that it is very easy for "any American to make money. They life-force not agree how in fact uncaring money is to "come by, and, hence, relations who cart no money reproach and reproach and reproach "themselves. This inward reproach has been a assessment for the untold and powerful, who cart "had to do less for their uncaring, publicly and secretly, than any other parameter class while, say, "Napoleonic grow old."From the Kenaz Filan Blog

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