Sunday, February 25, 2007

Warlocks Handbook

Warlocks Handbook Cover

Book: Warlocks Handbook by Matthew Ikonen

Please note: Matthew Ikonen is no longer a part of the occult community in any form what-so-ever. The Warlocks Handbook is no longer officially available, despite the listing. The reason that I took if off of is because most of the information contained therein is based on really crappy research. For example, the information regarding the Temple of the Vampire is almost totally false. It wasn't necessarily made up, but my informants turned out to be completely unreliable, and so in fairness I hereby publicly and formally apologize to the Temple of the Vampire for spreading what really amounts to lies and nonsense. The information regarding Peruvian Shamanism is likewise suspect, as I discovered that I was taught New Age versions of ancient cultural traditions. In actuality, it isn't even recognizable but the Q'ero people. I can't ask you to stop using the book, but please be aware of these limitations. I sincerely apologize to the entire occult community for my lack of common sense in putting it together. Thank you, Matthew Ikonen

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