Monday, September 8, 2014

Welcome To Aggieland

Welcome To Aggieland
We bind hundreds of students give or take a few for our early on style of Suitable Weekend, our new learner pull out. Prevail time we had 224 retreaters come in accretion to violently 200 learner staffers, this completed for a jammed-packed objection foundation. We belief along with 300-350 retreaters this time, at the back splitting inwards two different sessions of Suitable Weekend - one starting today (Tuesday) and going sincere tomorrow and the concluding one on Fri-Sat.

I ask you all to pray for our new students. Bookish is a time of losing your wish for ceiling Christians, by Catholics. On the road to 80% of vibrant Christians who were vibrant in their wish in high school specter fix in place practicing their wish by the time they graduate college. This is a frightening and we intend all the prayers you can request.

Anyway, if you are a new learner, it isn't too behind to sign up for the Fri-Sat retreat!

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