Friday, September 12, 2014

Cheshbon Hanefesh And The Secrets Of Time

Cheshbon Hanefesh And The Secrets Of Time


At the cusp of the tenth zodiac homeland, the "SHELVE OF HOME-BASED HUMAN BEING", rests the glory days of the natal graphic stated as Midheaven ("SECOND-SIGHTED COELI", MC). Midheaven, situated best quality the place of natural, is the superconscious article linking the incarnating essence to it's shoot goals for the mum lifetime popular which it is embryonic. In my sidereal natal graphic, Midheaven is set in Taurus ("SHOR").

The mazal of Taurus (SWEET TO THE POWER OF THE MEMO "VAV") contains the fresh and rectified spiritual origin of the nefesh mortal and brings out popular firm revelation:

radiance and light

the powers of accepted wisdom, introspection and addition

natural healing

mastering the secrets of time

the power to join and communicate all elements within mixture

Therefore, the "HOUSEHOLD" origin of my nefesh is represented by the Hebrew memo "VAV" and my introspective Torah is a glowing, light-filled, healing, masterful, connectively creative "VAV-TORAH".

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