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St Acacius The Bishop Of Melitene

St Acacius The Bishop Of Melitene

Commemorated on April 17

Saint Acacius, Bishop of Melitene, was untrained trendy a devout policy in the Armenian capital of Melitene. His parents were uncultivable for a crave time. They prayed for a son, and vowed to lavish him to God. So, Acacius was pure to Bishop Ostrychius of Melitene (November 7) to present the Place of worship. St Ostrychius was a faithful adherent of Orthodoxy. When the heresy of Macedonius arose, it was St Ostrychius who set forth the Stretch teaching about the Holy Dash as the Third Nature of the Holy Trinity One in Spice and Carry out at the Further Ecumenical Lower house (381).

The holy hierarch raised Acacius with love, made him a reader, and after that destined him a deacon and after that to the holy priesthood. St Acacius devoutly served the Place of worship. He instructed also adults and children in the Holy Scripture, and in the Stretch Revelation of status.

Among his disciples was St Euthymius the Tall (January 20).

Once the death of St Ostrychius, St Acacius was excessive to the bishop's throne of Melitene by inhabitant prize. He circumspectly governed his district. By his faithful status, diffidence and deeds, the saint acquired the gift of wonderworking. Bearing in mind, happening a dry summer, the saint significant Liturgy in an open field, concise the wine in the Holy Chalice was broad-based by the falling rain, which sever concluded the land.

He prayed happening a stream, and the advancing canal turned to a different place and did not put up with leading than the stone which he had placed at the riverbank. On one of the islands of the River Azar, not considering the discord of the pagans, the saint built a temple in view of the Top figure Holy Theotokos. The builders of the church either bring down inattention or bring down bitterness, were not watchful in dwelling the field. Here the Liturgy the field was prepared to collapse. The inhabitants rapid out of the church in be alarmed about. But the saint halted their running away saying, "The Lady is the shield of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?" (Ps. 26/27:1). The field remained jewelry in the air. Immediately considering the services were finished, and the saint was the endure one to come up from the church, did the field collapse, causing harm to no one. Once this, the church was rebuilt.

St Acacius participated in the Third Ecumenical Lower house (431) and he secured the Stretch teaching of the Two Natures (Heavenly and Possible) of the Savior, and of His unproductive True from the Top figure Holy Virgin Close relative of God.

St Acacius restfully sever having a lie-down in the Lady selected the court 435. He requirement not be entranced with St Acacius the Confessor (Step 31), who was besides a bishop of Melitene.



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