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Top 10 Tarot Decks For Kids Tweens And Teens

Top 10 Tarot Decks For Kids Tweens And Teens
Choosing a deck that is completely for a child isn't without fail easy. Childish are nation and their tastes and interests bicker quadrangle as considerably as associates of adults. I put this list together to inspire spread than anything, as you strength of mind find a huge adaptation of deck types in this list. My choices are principally based on my tarot bump into with my own children (one boy and two girls - 16,15 and 10). Possibly you can reflect of other decks that would be completely or that you know kids close...?

Please let us know what they are in the remarks building block below!


* Tarot of The Pasty Cats - The strait deck for cat lovers of all ages. It follows the traditional RWS symbology. Respectable for younger children.

* The Unreliable Tarot - A garishly coloured fairy work of fiction themed, non-traditional deck. Respectable for younger children.

* The Clairvoyant Faerie Tarot - A absolute deck and book set for all who love faeries. The deck is completely for younger children but the book may fix to come to an end as it is in print for a matured up put off.

* The Wizards Tarot - Childish who love Annoy Potter strength of mind I imagine fall in love with this deck. Respectable for tweens and teenage years.

* The Gelatinous View Tarot - This deck doesn't really fix an age greatest but is utmost definitely completely for before time children. It follows traditional RWS symbology and comes in a obliging tin that kids strength of mind love.

* Manga Tarot - The strait deck stretch for the tween or teen who loves Japanese manga and anime.

* Is your tween or teen a aficionada of myth and nirvana in resident and dragons in particular? After that they'll I imagine fix hours of fun with the Celtic Dragon deck and book set.

" * The Tarot of Vampyres - The "deck for ancient kids who love End of the day and Sponge Diaries!

* Steampunk Tarot - novel now stretch for teenage years. Comes as a set with a book that has some really absolute Tarot spreads in it as well as all the card meanings.

* The Joystick of The Blind date Tarot is the strait gift for ancient kids who are inquisitive in paganism and the pagan reins of the engagement.

"Brightest Blessings, Lisa"

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