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These are modern Obsidian points. This black volcanic opening was the lucrative proliferation that power-driven Catal Huyuk.

The Religious studies of Obsidian

A grand wallpainting bare at Catal Huyuk throws an
interesting light on the city's lucrative and priestly foundations.
"Dyed on the north and east wall of a testament... in two shakes of a lamb's tail in the rear 6,200 B.C.... it represents that rarest of all genres of early skill, a
vista, and tired to say it is inimitable," writes Mellaart. The
skill consists of a stylized doodle of the terraced houses of
the city itself, with a geologically sensitive transformation of an erupting, twin-peaked volcano, The skill fount represents an
actual break out in blisters of Hasan Dag, a twin-peaked, then-active volcano eight miles to the east of the city, which conquered the skyline on a definite day.
Looking at the erupting volcano with the eyes of an art historian,
various skin texture unsettled that the skill is not straightforwardly a vista, but is an icon of the Volcano Divine being.

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The contours of the volcano are breast-like and the carry out say of the volcano without delay matches schematized "bison-woman" paleolithic designs and other goddess representations; it looks perfectly match a life form, far-off senior so than match a fence. The spots on the volcano's flanks, described as "luminescent firebombs of lava," are very similar to the "leopard-skin spots" that are a descriptive sign of the Divine being of Catal Huyuk about the city's artwork. The skill is a affluent,
almost naturalistic reproduction, and the spouts of lava pouring from the concentrate shapes at its miserable justified gift the mood of volcanoes to spout from vents at their miserable. But the skill is also a testament wall painting, an articulate of religion, and fount a proposal of the Mother Divine being of Obsidian, and the city which was built and
consecrated by Her graces.
This wall painting is from a with reason early point in time in Catal Huyuk's history, colored as the city was approaching its prime, and in it we can
perhaps see the inside of Catal Huyuk's economy and the very container for its essence. The superlative Anatolian obsidian was mined at the miserable of Hasan Dag. Catal Huyuk, located firm rivers in a frozen, game-filled pampas, was an accurate trading site for the obsidian. In "The Bit
Dipping Bodies Dart To Light up
", W.I. Thompson likens the obsidian to "a dark, cthonic milk which flowed out of the breast of the volcano,
Hasan Dag,
" and suggests that "Common as far back as the neolithic, religion was good for organization.... The enterprise connecting neolithic religion and economics may grasp been as sign as the senior ordinary
'Protestant Ethic and the Character of Capitalism,
" In so doing, Catal Huyuk was perhaps built on religion and obsidian, and very doubtless on the
"Religious studies of Obsidian." (note; the consequence 'built on holiness is based on the archeological discoveries that as multiple as 1 in 2 of the rooms excavated were shrines.)
Obsidian may grasp been deliberate a sacred definite charged with
"mana," the power of the Divine being. The custom in obsidian may grasp been surrounded with rules, taboos, and risks of all types. A sacred
definite may yearn for special soir -- a blessing, perhaps even a
desecration -- or else it can be inoffensively handled by hackneyed lineage. The information suggests that Catal Huyuk's dozens of shrines (feathers with their escort priestesses and priests), as well as the city's
artwork, artisanry, and architecture, may grasp all been inspired and supported by a priestly effect of the sacred obsidian custom.
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An obsidian arrowhead from Catal Huyuk.

Anatolian obsidian, "purchased" in Catal Huyuk with an rotate of
fruitful timber or Mediterranean seashell, would stroll its way a
thousand miles southward to Jericho, dissimilar prominent trading midpoint firm the Over Sea. Jericho craftsmen, paying for the black volcanic opening with what black chunks of bitumen from the coast of the Over Sea, would work the obsidian during a kind of stone tools that were sharper and harder than weapon.

Jericho, which began as a society in about 9,000 B.C.. is also
sometimes called the the first part of city. A thousand existence or else lineage set appendage in Catal HUyak, Jericho was surrounded by protection ten feet thick and fifteen feet extraordinary. But neolithic Jericho at its principal was greatly less than shortened the size of Catal Huyuk, and it was
fount specific an armed trading post and society, a whatsoever place very uncommon from the unwalled Holy place Borough of Catal Huyuk. Jericho and Catal Huyuk echo to grasp formed the two ends of a trading network that through possible the increase of agriculture, pottery, sturdy buildings, and metallurgy (and believably philosophy, religion. and the rude
early development of lettering, mathematics, and astronomy
) about the Mediterranean basin, and at the end of the day during Mesopotamia to the east.
Egypt to the southwest, and Greece and Europe to the northwest. This custom network, and the pertinent and technologies which it increase. may grasp been the past performance utmost prominent order for the emerge of the statue farmhouse empires of the Tigris-Euphrates and Nile
Being brought the end of Catal Huyuk's culture and the abandonment of the city? We grasp no postulation. I assume. in the rear a time, the around theme was deforested in the examination for firewood, overhunted, and undermined by agriculture -- a ordinary problem. Most likely the rivers which stuffed Catal Huyuk with firewood, convey, and custom
renewed their course, separating the city. In the next centuries of the city's essence futile fires apparently occurred senior
recurrently. and the waste of the community's wealth by these
fires should grasp hastened the city's end. Capably the collapse of Catal Huyuk cannot be attributed to war; the fires glance over casual. gift are no signs of mail or carnage at resources sites, and gift is
down emphasis on arms. Catal Huyuk West, the lass city, also
shows no signs of carnage or exploit. The protection of Jericho did not avoid the ever-present waste of that finding the middle ground, in the role of Catal Huyuk, which had no protection to speak of, was never touched. James Mellaart attributes this in part to the occasional architecture of Catal Huyuk, which he described as "inherently necessary," but
psychohistorian W.I. Thompson suggests that it was the city's
priestly esteem that shy it immune from attack:

bitmap image

As a turmoil midpoint situated firm the routes of the obsidian custom, Catal Huyuk was an prominent cultural employees, for as a priestly midpoint it could use an energy to mark down custom open and clement. Have the benefit of a Hong Kong, Geneva, or a Zurich, Catal Huyuk did not grasp to back
itself having the status of the stipulate for it was recognized by all awkward in Anatolia and the Discontinue East.
Catal Huyuk, match so multiple other large powers and professional religions, may straightforwardly grasp full-grown dishonor and acquisitive, losing the blue-collar acknowledgment. At its peak Catal Huyuk seems to grasp boasted one temple for every two houses, but, as centuries approved, the ratio dropped to one testament for five houses, and the houses themselves showed better burials and senior profligate significant goods. Moral architecture became less prominent, and the clergy amplified in circulation and grew better-off.
Conceivably, in the rear a time, rectify as with fresh religions, lineage lost adhere to for the sacred household, upset by too far-off
vice and too down acknowledgment. In its closing existence, the city may grasp straightforwardly lost its label, its utmost important possession. Conceivably lineage straightforwardly clogged coming to Catal Huyuk to custom for obsidian;
in all probability some new fellow citizen down the approach was now hand over a maximum agreement. The city-dwellers tried to veer their support by moving to a new site, but Catal Huyuk West never approached the size or approach of her mother. An period of adequate accomplishment came to a calmness end, the shrines and temples were ritually defaced one proceed time, and the veer was unqualified supercilious to the ruin-weed (rue) and the fine sky.
bitmap image

In this wall skill at Catal Huyuk, rows of hands last a honeycomb
problem on which are depicted insects and grubs on a sphere of stylized plants.

The Moral Thoughts
of Catal Huyuk

Have the benefit of Catal Huyuk the temple cave of Lascaux in France stands basic and shoulders supervisor its colleagues as an model of the deep
heights and spiritual rare talent of a institute ache olden. Dyed in about 17,000 B.C., sealed by the unwavering backdrop of its
catacomb, and strong off from retrieve sooner or later in the rear 10,000 B.C., Lascaux is beyond compare, the Sistine Chapel of Cro-Magnon man. Paleological self-important Andre Leroi-Gourhan, using Lascaux's beyond compare custody as the
starting intensity for a seamless evaluation, has through discoveries which grasp caused the reconsideration of multiple of the old pertinent about cave art.
Through algebraic models, Leroi-Gourhan terminated that the animal
facts were symbols animated conceptual-religious themes, and
that the facts were like to each other in trustworthy pattems, with the shapes of the cave life form itself individual hand-me-down to define the beginning and ends of "phrases" or "sentences" through up by combinations of animal symbols.
Pony and Bison are constantly paired, the midpoint of the Cherubic Story. Deer, ibex, cow, goat, signs, and out of true flora and fauna feel the initial essay of Bull-Horse, which Leroi-Gourhan likens to the sacred fasten, with Bison and Pony as a non- anthropomorphic perfected
proposal of male and female armed. Camivores and imperfect
flora and fauna chisel the ends of the Cherubic Story, the no-man's land plus which none suppose pass. Leroi-Gourhan's models and pertinent can not yet expound or define the content of the ancient paleolithic philosophy recorded in these evocative cave paintings. The information, thus far, is very stout for a best quality conceptual philosophy, a teaching story with a hard suggest, individual out-of-the-way in the animal art of Lascaux.
wpe2A.jpg (5166 bytes)
One of the bull designs on a testament wall at Catal Huyuk.
I provided the bear.

Mellaart, W.I. Thompson, Marija Gimbutas, and others grasp associated the animal art in Lascaux with the animal art of Catal Huyuk (hundreds of representations of bulls, rams, leopards, vultures, and other
flora and fauna
). The foal as a sign for the female Divine being in Lascaux has been replaced by Her anthropomorphic shelter figurine, the initial
icon found in utmost of Catal Huyuk's temples. But the bison is in spite of this firmly up to date as a non-anthropomorphic symbol of beyond compare male virility and energy, in the face of, in defense with non-ice-age Anatolia, the extinct bison has been replaced in Catal Huyuk by the aurochs bull (a earsplitting scythe-horned beast and an forerunner of modem accumulation, which was required in huge herds on the Konya pampas). The bull is constantly paired with the Goddess; similar to bull heads are found in shrines not apparently attentive to the Divine being, they are surrounded by
breast-like knobs -- the very protection of the testament grasp become the life form of the Divine being, from which the bulls escalation. One-time survivals of the paleolithic sacred animal alphabet can be found in Catal Huyuk's
camivore similes. Leopards are the uttermost sign of Divine being power, and perhaps middle the aristocratic, inscrutable edges of Divine being
mystery; on specific one set off is the traditional Divine being icon replaced with dissimilar sign in a Divine being testament, and gift She is represented by two leopards, previously each other. Conceivably the paleolithic symbol for
"Endings, the imperfect edges of the Consecrated Fabrication (carnivores)" was assigned to the inscrutable Remarkable Divine being. Breasts are found, modeled in shelter with the skulls and teeth of boars (a deadly, hot-tempered animal, far-off feared by hunters), foxes, and weasels (every one grasp killer folk- lores); and the beaks of griffin vultures are
molded during the breasts, the teeth forming its nipple -- all this amounting to a sensational (to us) combination of Divine being and camivore similes.
Equally, rectify as at Lascaux, the stag is found in various paintings, sound colored in at the edges of the chief compositions.
One-time scene survivals of the paleolithic temple-cave language rules can be mentioned, but at this time the algebraic modeling vital to
crutch this raise has not been done.

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