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The Truth Of The Trinity

The Truth Of The Trinity
Author: Imaam Muhammad bin Ahmad al-Qurtubi

Source: Al-Dj^ami 'ahk^am li-il-Qur'an (6 / 23)

Offering Ihy^a 'at-Tur^ath al-'Arab^i, 1422/2001

Published 14/07/2007

Allah (subh^anahu wa Ta'al) says:

"Say you will, so, Allah and His messengers and say not:" Three [gods]. "Peter out, for your own good! Allah is the One God. "


"Say you will, so, Allah and His Diplomat..." cash that one prerequisite enfold that Allah is one God who has twisted his commit al-Masih (the Messiah); presume while of his envoys, as well as 'Isa (Jesus) and do not cleave to him as a god.

"... And do not say 'our gods are" Three [gods] ".

Ibn 'Abbas said:

"Together with the Trinity enfold the Allah (Ta'al), his being and his son."

Al Furr along with Abu' Ubayd said:

"It cash that they request not say that they are three, in shape dear his (Ta'al) Words:

"They request say:" Three. " '(18:22)

Abu 'Ali said:

"The indirect internment is" Do not say that he is a Trinity. "

At any rate the Christians collapse here contrasting sects, they are all unite on the Trinity and says:

"Allah is a branch out private with three contrasting personalities."

They make each of the personalities of a deity and with these information set down to the:

1 - Being.

2 - Construction.

3 - Design.

Sometimes it puts the Trinity by saying "Jerk, Son and Blissful Life." In this way, they say that the Jerk is the existence, the son is al-Masih (the Messiah) and the Blissful Life is knowledge. In their speeches, existing is a real put in, which explains their goody-goody conscience. " As a quick return of their ability to speak is without fail that 'Isa (Jesus) is Allah, based on the fact of Allah (subh^anahu wa Ta'al) certified him to perform. Built on this, they said:

"We know that these records are furthermore mortal talent and so they can hardly come from someone who has the divine attributes."

Thus it says to them:

If it is true that he did a good understanding these records apart from any help, he requirement furthermore assemble passed by his enemies, and averted their injuries - but that is not the insurance.

If Christians reckon with this, seems their sustain that he performed these acts on their own. Would they do not do it, they despite the fact that assemble no buff, for it is repulsive by the Musa (Moses) and all the entire miracles he performed. One OF THEM WERE THAT THE ROD BECAME A SERPENT, A Breach OF THE SEA, THAT HIS Devote WAS White, HE WAS Limitation MANNA AND QUAILS FOR Dispose of AND SO ON. " The incredibly applies to the rest of the prophets. If they furthermore disclaim it, we disclaim what they sustain is understood to assemble happened 'Isa (Jesus). They are helpless to look after any of it he is understood to assemble done.

For that we prerequisite value these dealings, we lessen to the Qur'an, given that they disclaim the Qur'an and he blames that came with it for a lie. In this way, they are helpless to look after any of this with merged reporting.

It is understood that Christians were Muslims in the 81 existence one time 'Isa (Jesus) lifted up to paradise. They asked the Qiblah and the fasting month Ramadhan, until a war amid them and the Jews bankrupt out. Linking the Jews was a resolute man named Paul who killed a hulking great announce of 'isa (Jesus) clique. At one be intended for he said:

"If the truth is with 'Isa (Jesus), we assemble blasphemed and denied, and our decisive destination request be hell. We assemble been duped if we go to hell, and they go to paradise. Let me turn in flanked by them in order to tell them so they end up in hell. "

He then showed repentance, threw grunge on his peak and understood to the Christians:

"I'm Paul, your other side. I assemble been called from the a cut above that I can hardly be forgiven if I am a Christian. "

They then took him here a church in which he settled in at a blind date. He was not out of it until he knowledgeable the Gospels. Finally he went out and said:

"I assemble been called from the a cut above that I assemble been forgiven."

They assumed him and began to love him. Thus he went to the Bayt-ul-Maqdis (Jerusalem) and Nestor cried to his beneficiary and then taught him that 'Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus son of Mary) is a god. " Thus he continued his jaunt to Rome and taught them theology and humanism, and said:

" 'Isa (Jesus) was neither a man or a body, but the son of Allah."

This taught him a man named Jacob. Thus he called additional man named Malak and understood to him:

"God is and request remain 'Isa (Jesus)."

Previously having put his claws here these kin, he called on them one by one and understood to them:

"I saw the Messiah in his dreams and he was happy with me."

Thus he told each of them:

"Tomorrow, I request fee myself and get earlier to [God] in the company of it. Urge kin to your presume. "

Thus he went here the room and the pit ready himself. On the third day was started and a shout to his presume and so did each of his band of backup. Thus they deceased up in war and fight as to the present day. All Christians for this reason derives from these three sects. That understood, so, be the entity for their idolatry - and Allah knows better.

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