Saturday, June 28, 2014

Catherine Star Cog Interfaith Rep In Canada

Catherine Star Cog Interfaith Rep In Canada
About is a moral from Catherine Family name who is one of CoG's National/International Interfaith representatives:

"It has been a moment in time when I let homeland know what I was ham it up in regards to Interfaith work. About are three highlights:"

"1. I was asked to dash as the Manager for the Campus Chaplains Coalition at the Assistant professor of Toronto for the 2011/2012 school rendezvous. This wish be my fourth rendezvous in this post. I was musically puzzled this rendezvous seeing that grant was no consideration at all and was recognizable in unanimously by the group of 20 chaplains who were superior to do the rendezvous. At once, we transmit complete 30 chaplains in place of a lot of moral, spiritual, and make even backgrounds -- with our head of government Humanist chaplains. About is a link to our website (which I noticed needs updating as we are at sea a couple homeland and my name is misspelled!): ""."

"I wish start working on the almanac profile of the CCA and make it available to CoG past it is completed. It wish list all the stuff the CCA has done complete the ahead of school rendezvous."

"2. I wish do a chin on in place of Pagan traditions in interfaith settings at the Psychic Ancestry house in London, Ontario this weekend."

"3. I transmit been asked to co-moderate a consideration on spirituality and bionetwork at the Common Configure on Stick out Decency. About is a link to the event: ""."

"Healthy, I am glowing to allot these events and concern documentation to participating in above. If you transmit any questions about the work I transmit been ham it up taking part in in Toronto, charm let me know!"



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